Jesus, My Kid Is Tall

According to the various Internet cites I can find (which I grant may all be baloney) the average 3-year-old girl should be about 33-34 inches tall.

Mine’s 39.5 inches tall. Turned 3 last week. She is visibly much taller than her classmates.

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. We’re buying new shirts as if they were disposable. How tall’s this kid gonna get?

My older son was tall for his age, too. To the point where admission free for under 5 years old was disputed when he was 2. He’s no longer the tallest kid in his class (he’s a junior in HS). He’s 6 ft.
Maybe it’s just a growth spurt. I’m surprised you’re buying shirts–I’d think it’d be shoes and jeans that she’d be outgrowing quickly.
And get her a basketball. :wink:

That’s too bad for her. :frowning: It sucks to be the tallest girl in the class.

  • Risha, a slightly less than 6’1" woman.

[Jesus] May the force be with her [/J]

I was much taller than my classmates from preschool all through junior high. My second grade picture is hilarious. I’m a full 9 or 10 inches taller than everyone else.

I evened out and I’m now a tallish (for a woman) 5’9".

I always thought I was fat because I weighed so much more than the other kids. Not so. You might watch out for that particular neurosis.

Where are these sites? I’d like to see where my nearly four year old boy stands.

My younger sister was like this; in kindergarten she was a full head taller than the other kids. By 13 or 14 she looked like a model when she wore a swimsuit. But she hit her full height early and is now only a couple of inches taller than I am; she’s about 5’ 9" I think. And a lot slimmer than I am, too. (I’m the short one in the family.)

I know a girl of about 11 who has always been very tall; she now looks 14, but I don’t think she’s going to turn out to be any taller than her mom, really.

One thing to watch out for is that people will tend to treat tall kids as older than they really are. It’s hard not to expect maturity out of a kid who looks 3 years older than she really is, because you look at her and subconsciously think ‘big kid = older kid.’

Both of these ring true to me

I went through my early teens thinking I was a fatty. I got really stressed about it for a good while. But when I got to university, I realised that I’d ever be the same dress size as all the other girls in the teen magazines because I wasn’t five foot three or four, I was five foot ten.

I have no personal recollection of this, but my mother has since told me that she had to have words with another mother on this very subject. The other mother was not impressed and she and my mother ended up falling out over it. This woman, who was the mother of a pal of mine in school had asked me to walk her daughter home from school in the afternoons. We were about six at the time and it was back in days of yore when kids did walk home from school. This family lived further away from the school than we did and getting there meant crossing two more roads there and back for me. I did it the first day she asked and Mum wanted to know why I was late home that day.
To hear Mum tell this story now, it seemed that this other mother had decided that I could be put in charge because a big strong grown up girl like me was obviously far more sensible and responsible than her teeny tiny doll of a daughter.

I think it depends on how tall the UPS guy was. :wink:

I vote that it’s impossible to tell.

Our younger son was a normal sized elementary schooler, and a ‘chunky’ middle schooler (normal height but a bit heavy). Suddenly, around the time he was 13 or 14, he shot up and now is a beanpole around 6’-2" and very skinny (probably around 150 lbs soaking wet).

My hubby was always tall; he was a 13-pound baby and reached six feet tall when he was 12. He only got to 6’-5" though.

And how are you doin’?

Tall women are hot!

Hey, me too! I stopped growing at 12 years old, when I was 6’ 1/2" (183cm). I was always, always, always the tallest, and hated it.

My son, on the other hand, has always been the tallest in his class, and thinks it’s fabulous. That’s because he’s not the one paying for his pants (which, btw, are size 30x34, so that’s fun, too).

I’m 5’ 6" now, but was a late bloomer so I was always the shortest kid in the class and I hated it. My daughter, however, is very tall for her age. She’s only 5 but is at least a head taller than the next tallest kid in her class (hilarious class picture). I have taught her that she is* very* lucky to be tall and that I always wished I was tall when I was her age. This has been so thoroughly reinforced in her that she stands up very straight (I’ve seen other tall kids who hunch) and is quite proud of her stature. I’ve also read that tall people make more money, so I hope she continues on this upward trek so I can be in a really nice nursing home some day.

Mine, like me, is the tallest kid in the class. When I get together with friends who also have kids about the same age he’s always the tallest of the lot (some of them are a year or two older than him even!). He’s 3’7 at almost age five.

I think its easier for boys to be the tallest than it is the girls. I got teased, a lot, and I was quite chunky for most of my childhood. I still am curvy, but I grew into most of it in my late teens and slimmed down a fair bit ending up about 6’ tall (tallest woman in my family too, though one cousin and aunt come close).


Signed, Rico.

Past president of a tall persons club.
6’ 7" male
Married to a 5’ 2" woman.

Seconded. All three of mine have been >95th percentile in height. This creates problems, sometimes, from obvious (parents clearly thinking my kid is developmentally disabled, until I mention his age, at which point they are visibly relieved) to subtle (people expecting first-grade-level social maturity from a child who has just started preschool). It evens out and gets a little better as they get older, but it’s still something to keep an eye out for.

Married, unfortunately, but I appreciate the thought. :slight_smile:

That was the one good part - I hit puberty early too, so I could pass for 16 by the time I was 12. Let me get away with all sorts of mischief and/or bad judgement.

Well, let’s see. The average girl stops growing between 16 and 20. Let’s take 18 as a convenient average. She’s 3 years old and 39.5 inches. At that rate, when she’s 18 she’ll be… 237 inches.

So your daughter will be about 19 and a half feet tall. Give or take.

Impossible to say for sure, but the Children’s Adult Height Prediction Calculator can give you a pretty good estimate.

My twin grand daughters, they will turn 12 on Halloween, are 5-7 and 5-5. Both are a head taller that most of the kids in their class. When they were born each was about 2½ pounds and about 15 inches long. They were also born about 6 weeks premature too. Their mother is about 6 feet tall, I expect them to hit that or even more.