My "baby" is almost 6' tall!

And he’s only 13. Back around Christmas, he was 5’ 3", now he’s 5’, 10".
He still has a little kid face, skinny shoulders and chest. But with looooong arms & legs, with huge hands & feet. He’s a little awkward. He can’t walk through a doorway without banging something.
It’s fun to watch him run though. He looks like a marionette with elbows and knees going off in every direction. :smiley:

My son will be 16 in August. His fun thing to do is measure himself against family members and seeing who he towers over.

Oh man, we’re going to be there soon with WhyKid. He’s 12 and just starting to get his coordination back after he lost it due to a 3" growth in two weeks last summer (surgery on his spine). But we went shoe shopping last week, and he’s wearing a 10 1/2 mens. He’s only about 5’2"! It looks very ridiculous! I told grandma not to buy him many clothes, as I suspect by the end of the summer he won’t fit into the clothes she buys him at the beginning.

Yesterday he was comparing the size of his hands with everyone else - they’re bigger than all the women’s, and only his 6’4" dad’s are bigger.

He looks like a Great Dane puppy! :smiley:

Tall people suck. Dammit! :stuck_out_tongue: My future stepson is already taller then me (at 14…) and my future stepdaughter soon will be…
But you get used to it after a while… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t care how tall he gets, he will always be my baby.

Heh. My 16 yr. old is at six feet, and still growing.

HOWEVER he is indeed still my baby. Those sharp elbows and knees don’t bother me a bit as long as he is still willing to flop down on the bed to chat some Saturday mornings.

And my daughter turned 20 today. Bleach! I’m old !!


What’s the bleach going to do? The hair will turn white eventually, anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:

You see how senile I am ??? I can’t even spell bleccccch correctly !!


My 14 year old out-grew me a year ago. He’s currently at about 5’10". I’m only 17 years older than him; I don’t remember kids being this huge when I was his age! I’m still not taller than MY parents! What’s up with that?