Jesus! When will the Red Sox understand Gagne doesn't have it anymore?

I mean, fuck, I’n not even that big of a baseball fan and I can see that he should not be allowed to pitch another meaningful game this season. He was great, got hurt, and is now mediocre at best- cut your losses, swallow your pride, you made a mistake signing him, now move on. He lost like three games this week! This is more blatantly stupid then the manager letting Pedro continue to pitch in that Yankees playoff game a while back, when even a moderate fan and a big Pedro fan could see he needed to be pulled.

I should have mentioned, he just blew one a few minutes ago.

The thing is, he pitched very well for Texas this year. He’s still striking people out, which generally means a guy still has it. It’s probably just a fluke that he’s been hit as often as he has since he joined Boston.

Nah, it’s not a fluke. Gagne left his best in LA. The Red Sox spent a lot of money on a has-been, no matter how he was pitching in Texas. Sad, because I remember Eric at his best, and was in the stands both when he broke the record for consecutive saves and when he set the new record.

I just got back from the game. That sucked.