Manny, Pedro, what the hell are you thinking?!?

Do either of you two asses realize the weight of this game? The remainder of your season rides on it.

Manny, that pitch was nowhere near you. Like McCarver and Buck said, you went up there looking for a reason. A tiny one was handed to you, and you leaped all over it. Too bad you can’t leap after lazy fly balls with that sort of aggression.

Pedro, it takes absolutely NO machismo whatsoever to grab a 72 year old man by the head and toss him aside. That move was an embarassment to the Red Sox team, franchise, and Nation as a whole.

Both of you are awfully damn lucky to still be in the game. Especially after the benches were warned, you do not go into the next half inning looking to incite a riot. Both of your actions were totally classless. I am a Sox fan, but I really hope MLB takes a healthy deduction from your playoff checks.

For once, Clemens isn’t the villian.

Crazy Zimmer did attack Pedro. What was he thinking? It’s funny now…like Elmer Fudd coming at you.

Ramirez could have caused a riot with his idiotic hissy fit. He should have been thrown out the game.

Pedro is a headhunter in a class far beyond Clemens, who has the reputation. I did the calculation, and when Pedro faces the same # of batters as Roger, he’ll have hit 213 vs. Roger’s 141.

Ramirez is a pathetic crybaby, and SHOULD have been thrown out for trying to start a riot.

Zim probably should have been tossed too, he threw the first punch-like-thing. Pedro should be ashamed of himself for retaliating so violently against a fat old man.

Another Sox fan who thinks these two guys are punks who need a bitch-slap. That was just fucking embarrassing.

cite please? I haven’t heard about this

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Don Zimmer staying in that game was DISGUSTING. To not toss him out is just…it’s beyond words. You do NOT take a swing at another person on a baseball field and not get tossed.

This is about today’s Yankees/Red Sox game. With first base open, Pedro Martinez hit Karim Garcia with a pitch, behind his head glancing off his shoulder. Garcia was (somewhat understandably) REALLY pissed off and there was a lot of yelling back and forth.

Don Zimmer, the Yankees bench coach who is 72 years old and the shape of a bowling ball was particularly vocal. Pedro was also seen pointing to his ear and yelling, implying possibly that he would hit someone else in the head.

Next inning, Roger Clemens throws a pitch to Manny Ramirez that is high and slightly inside, stress slightly. It WAS at head height, but was still pretty much over the plate. Ramirez throws a fit yelling and screaming, and the benches clear. Zimmer goes up to Pedro and shoves at him, Pedro grabs him by the head and throws him to the ground.

Now WTF just happened in the bullpen???

As my roommate bristlesage said, “Both Martinez and Clemens should be glad they don’t play in the National League.”

I wasn’t really paying close attention, but I saw the replay of Martinez taking down Zimmer, and was pretty horrified. I don’t know exactly what Zimmer did, cause I didn’t see it, but I can tell from this thread that he threw a punch. Now, in no way is that okay, but come on, the guy is like, old. He’s Jack McKeon Old. You don’t knock down an old guy!

Papa Tiger’s reaction? “A typical baseball ‘brawl’ – most of it was probably spent talking about whre they’re going to be playing golf post-season.” :smiley:

Just found out on the postgame show that Zimmer was hit in the head in the minor leagues (in the '50s) and almost died, spent like 2 weeks unconscious and has a plate in his head now. Guess he’s a bit sensitive to the subject.

Zimmer threw a punch at Pedro, he deserved what he got.

Pedro just shoved him, that is not at all horrific.

He’s lucky he didn’t get punched.

There definately should have been some people tossed after that, Zimmer being the first. It would be just plain age-ist to say that Martinez didn’t have the right to deck the old coot. Zimmer threw the first pun…well, whateveritwas, and deserved to get decked. Ramirez should have been ejected for being a fuckwit, and over-reacting to a high pitch.

Hey Flymaster,

Zimmer, as a player, was hit in the head in 1953 and was unconscious for 2 weeks. To this day he has a metal plate in his head.

Throwing at players’ heads is inexusable. When the game isn’t going his way, this is what Pedro does. It is what Clemens used to do.

Justice served, Red Sox lose.

Pedro and Ramirez proved themselves to be punks. I’ve lost all respect for those two losers.

The Red Sox deserve any “curse” with these two jackasses on their roster.

BTW, professional baseball players are paid millions for their skills. Ramirez and Ortiz and several other Red Sox players need to lose the beer bellies. Babe Ruth sloppiness isn’t cool anymore.

He grabbed Zimmer by the head, one hand on each ear, throwing him to the ground. That is anything but ‘just’ a shove.

And I agree that Zim should have been tossed.

But Ramirez should have been tossed too. Seriously, his actions were so irresponsible that someone could have been seriously hurt. Watching Clemens sit his rather large ass down was sweet.

Pedro can throw a ball at 100 mph; he could have gotten out of the way of a lumbering old man. Zimmer would have then fallen to the ground from his own momentum and Pedro wouldn’t look like the punk he is.

OK, the Sox manager just said on FOX that he watched the tape and Martinez was not justified.

And, part of what traspired was that when the next play was made after Garcia was hit, he apparently slid with a purpose into the man covering second. According to the radio crew, as a result of that there were a lot people standing at the bullpen edges yelling trash, and Pedro’s gesticulating and shouting was aimed at Jorge Posada, who was giving back as good.

Just heard on ESPNews that Zimmer was taken to the hospital. Let’s hope he recovers. Yes, Zim was out of line but Martinez could easily have avoided an old man’s charge. To throw down a person of that age for any reason is inexcusable. Martinez’ baiting of the Yankee bench and of Posada in particular was a pathetic display of punkmanship. Ramierez is a punk too.

The Martinez-Zimmer exchange is a difficult one to arbitrate but would the league take some action on Martinez gesticulating to the NY dugout and telling them that he would be aiming for their heads?

I am not familiar with how strict MLB is w.r.t such incidents.