What the holy fuck, Grady Little?

You fucking retarded fuckwad! What the holy fuck were you fucking thinking? Every single fucking person knew Martinez was spent, but you fucking leave him fucking out there. Even Tim Fucking McCarver said it was a bad idea and he’s a fucking moron! I don’t give a shit about the Sox, but if the Yankees make it to the World Series, I hope your ass gets fired and never works in baseball again.

You fucking moron!



When Matzui hit that shot down the line, it was ruled a ground rule double because a fan touched it. My first thought was “Can lighning strike twice?”
…apparently not. :frowning:

Lightning. I meant to say lightning. Everyone knows lighning CAN strike twice. Three times, even.

It’s also apparent you can’t proofread when 75% of your attention is elsewhere.

I’d say he was spent, he didn’t even have enough left to throw at anybody’s head.

Pedro always has enough left to throw at someone if the situation warrants it. I’m with Neurotik, what the fuck was Little thinking. Pedro will never say that it is time to be taken out of a game, he would let his arm fall off first.

I can’t fucking believe this. If the Sox lose this I will have the often referenced, but hitherto unexperienced conniption fit.

Well, shitfuck.

What a moron.

Something seems to possess managers to make daft pitching decisions this time of year – Gene Mauch lifting Mike Witt, Jim Fregosi bringing in Mitch Williams, etc…

…Dusty Baker doing anything at a critical juncture in the game.

My thoughts exactly. (see my first post after the OP)

Where did that pitch to Jeter miss? He’s been struck out three times in one at bat.

Absolutely bizarre, I think Little was trying to keep the curse going. Guy’s got a couple of good relievers, use them!

Someday I expect Dusty Baker to throw his son in as a pinch hitter. He’ll shrug and say it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Guess the ump bought the flinching act. He seemed to dive away from everything.

3 innings from Rivera? Don’t know much about his stamina, could this be a similar mistake from Torre?

I can’t say I’m counting on Doug Mirabelli to knock in the run we need. The only good thing I can say at this point as that Wakefield looks pretty damned good out there. I don’t know how I’m going to drag my ass out of bed in the morning.

Yeah, I have to teach at 8 AM tomorrow and I don’t know that I’ll be in great shape. At least I know my students will be understanding.

I hope this has taught a lesson to the folks who were honking and shouting “Yankees Suck” outside my window in the top of the seventh. fools.

Not only did Little leave Pedro in there way too long, he’s now stripped down his lineup with all the pinch-runners.

Maybe Rivera can go a fourth. I’m placing good odds he’s held them scoreless long enough, at any rate.

Yankees don’t suck. I commanded them to win and they obeyed. HAAHHAAHHAHA

Oh really.

Of course, you have factual and reliable proof to back that up, right?:dubious: :dubious:

Sure you do.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: