Congrats Yankees

I’m a Red Sox Fan, but let me congratualte the Yankees on a game well-played, and thank them for an exciting piece of Baseball.

You’re still ever $%*& who represent all that is evil in the nation and in the game, but you deserved it, this time. Next year, however…

The WS, of course, is a total anticlimax after the championship series of both leagues. I’d root for teh Marlins, but I just can’t bring myself to do so. So once again, like my spiritual brothjers in Chicago, I am left to ponder what might have been.

I TOLD Little to yank Pedro two innings before he broke down. #$%@er hardly ever listens to me.


I won’t watch one minute of the WS this year. In fact, this matchup has to be every Fox exec’s nightmare.

Very sporting of you, Menocchio. Should little have brought in wakefield in the 7th?

Congrats Yankees

(Hopefully this one will go through)

I was expected Lowe, as Wakefield would probably have meant pulling Veritek as well (don’t let teh hype around Nomar, Pedro, and Manny fool you, Nixon and Veritek are the heart of the team). Wakefield would also have been acceptable.

Pedro pitched six excellent innings, one okay one, and then one horrible one that negated everything he had done before. He had nothing to prove by that point, having beaten Clemens handily and shown his lack of intimidation by the Yankees crowd and Game 3’s events. I was shocked that he came back in the 8th, and apalled that Little let him stay after he got in trouble. I don’t blame Pedro (much) for thinking he could dig himself out. I blame Little for not knowing better.