MLB post season: 2009

And so it begins.

AL matchups:

TBD @ New York Yankees

The Twins have caught the Tigers on the last day and will have a one game playoff at the Metrodome on tuesday to decide who’s going to play the Yankees. I’m a Twins fan, but I still expect the Pinstripes to take care of either the Twins or the Tigers.
Boston Red Sox @ Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

I feel like the Bosox will take this one, but it won’t be a cakewalk.
NL Matchups:

Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies

I’ll take the Phillies at home.

St. Louis Cardinals @ Los Angelos Dodgers

Dodgers haven’t looked too great lately, but I’ll go with Joe Torre’s post season experience and home field advantage.

As much as it pains me to say it, I think the Yankees will go all the way to the WS for the AL. In the NL, I don’t know, but it would be interesting to see Torre go up against the Yankees.

Yanks vs. survivors (winner of playoff will have to start the very next day, with a discombobulated pitching staff).

Red Sox, 'cause Angels don’t have the pitching.

Phillies are too good for Rox.

Cards over stumbling Dodgers.
Red Sox - Phillies series. Experience and pitching. But Boston has more.

I’m a Boston fan and I’m not sure I see them getting past the Yankees this year, as much as I want to believe. The Yanks are firing on all cylinders right now and their pitching is pretty solid. I’m guessing we’ll face them in the ALCS, but beyond that I don’t know.

I’ll take Phillies and Dodgers in the NLCS. I haven’t watched them enough to know beyond that either.

I’m just annoyed that I now have to take a half-day off on Thursday because TBS has decided that the Angels’ series will be a bigger draw than the Dodgers’ series. Even though from a money-making perspective, I’m sure that’s the right call, I’m a Dodger fan who happens to hate the Angels. So I’m not too thrilled about losing vacation time because of them.

From a pure baseball fan perspective, though, there’s something fun about the idea of two playoff games taking place three hours apart 40 miles from one another. There will be a lot of happy Southern Californian baseball fans this week (pending various outcomes).

As far as predictions go, I think the Rockies are actually going to surprise the Phillies and win this one in five. I can’t really choose anyone over the Dodgers, so I’ll say they beat the Cards in four. Dodgers over the Rockies in six.

Initially, I wanted the Dodgers and Red Sox in the Series just to see what Manny’s “homecoming” ends up like, but Manny has become much less of a story in the Dodgers’ second half of the season. So my vote is for the Dodgers and Yankees, with the Dodgers in six.

I’m rooting for the Dodgers, just so ElvisL1ves will shut up already about Manny Ramirez! :slight_smile:

Yankees over probably the Twins. Yanks outclass them in every aspect and can set the rotation as they wish and will be able to use Rivera, Hughes and Joba Chamberlain in every game in relief. This should be a huge advantage.

Red Sox vs. Angels: I think the Red Sox will take it in hard fought series. The Red Sox have better pitching and good enough managing and plenty of offense. They don’t seem to have the problems in Anaheim that Yanks do. I do give the Angels the edge in making runs and manager but overall the Sox seem better.

**Cards over Dodgers: **Torre is on his way to another 1st round elimination as the Cards look better right now. Better hitting and pitching and the Dodgers bullpen is tired.

**Rockies over Phillies: ****This one is just a gut pick. I feel like the Phillies are floundering a bit and the Rockies are ready for some magic. **

The Yanks should beat the Red Sox. The starters match up about the same and the Yanks appear to have the slightly better bullpen currently. The Yanks have better defense and offense. This should decide it.

Cards over the Rockies: Cards are the best team in the NL right now and I don’t think the Rockies run will be enough to overcome the much better team.

Yanks over the Cardinals: Cards have a better 1-2 punch in the starters and Pujols will be the best player on the field, but 1-9 the Yanks are a better team with a much better bullpen. The Yanks should have enough starters. The Yanks will probably take 2 of the games late once the Cardinal starters are out. The Yanks are the comeback team with 15 walk-off victories and 51 come from behind victories this year.

From your lips to God’s ears. I’ll take a WS loss for this Cards team (especially after my preseason expectations).

However, they are playing pretty shittily right now (lost 8 of their last 10 series, I believe). So I’m not sure I can pick them to go very far. Fortunately the Dodgers are the one team the Cards match up pretty well with…

My picks:

NYY over TBD (I think this will be the Twins, btw)
LAA over BOS

NYY over LAA

STL over LAN
PHI over COL

PHI over STL

NYY over PHI for the WS title.

New York Yankees over the Minnetoit Twiggers
Regardless of who wins tomorrow, the Yankees win this series handily. Neither has their rotation in any sort of shape to deal with that lineup, and the Yankees’ bullpen is scary for the playoffs.

Boston Red Sox over the LA Angels of Orange County
The Angels’ pitching just isn’t where it should be. I don’t like the Angels because they have so many gritty intangibles that it’s hard to keep track of them - I can’t watch all of their games, and am probably a little predisposed to not liking “how” they win. Plus, their bullpen is an absolute mess.

St. Louis Cardinals over the LA Dodgers
The Cardinals pitching is going to be extremely impressive, and they’re going to win several 2-1 games.

Colorado Rockies over Philadelphia Phillies
I feel least confident about this. Both teams are struggling right now, but I think that Jimmy Rollins is going to do or say something stupid that will push the Rockies over the edge. Neither has the pitching to make it beyond this level.

Boston Red Sox over NY Yankees
Jeter is going to go 4-30, A-Rod will go 6-31, and New Yawkers will still lambast A-Rod over their idol.

Cardinals over Rockies
The Cardinals have, IMO, the NL wrapped up. Carpenter and Wainwright give them an almost automatic 2 wins in every series, 3 in the 7 game serieses.

World Series champ will be wearing red… I think the Sox and the Cardinals match up really well, and it’ll come down to 7 games. I’ll give it to Boston.

The Tigers might be a little distracted for that play-in game at the Metrodome tomorrow.

Miguel Cabrera was arrested after a drunken fight with his wife last night.

Well, not “shittily” so much as sloppily, not as well as they used to, and not quite well enough to win ball games. But I think—I hope—that a lot of this is that they knew they didn’t have to, they had the division sewn up anyway, and they’re saving their extra oomph for the postseason, kinda like they did in '06.

God I hope so. 'Cause I was at the game Friday night and if that’s the last game I see in person this year (out of town for the NLDS) I’ll be a sad panda.

And there probably is something to it. A Baseball Prospectus article today looked at how a team is playing leading into the playoffs (last week, two weeks, and month) and found a negative correlation with first-round outcomes, FWIW.

I’d love to see Boston plow through the playoffs, but they really backed into the postseason this year. And after dominating NYY in the first half of the season, they’ve really got the Yanks messing with their minds now.

I think the Sox will be able to take LAA, but I really wish that the matchups were reversed. I was in Anaheim last July to watch the Yankees swept by the Angels, and it was sweet.

St. Louis over who? As if we don’t get slighted enough already. :wink:

it would be nice if the Dodgers won, but it is essential that the Yankees lose! Unfortunately, that doesn’t look likely.

Sorry, old habit. LAN = Los Angeles (National). As opposed to LAA = Los Angeles (American). At least a few places abbreviate it this way, I believe, although most use the more obvious LAD.

I’ve also been known to use CHN/CHA as well as NYN/NYA. No disrespect intended :slight_smile:

ETA: Apparently retrosheetuses this method, but to be accurate I should have used SLN instead of STL.

I’m a Yankees fan, and think the Yankees are the best team in the playoffs.

So, what are their chances of winning it all? In my book, about 25%.

That’s because, in baseball, any short series is pretty close to a crapshoot. Even the worst teams can and do get hot and go on a tear. In the post-season, that CAN be enough.

The Yankees are the best team in the final eight… but there’s not a single team in the playoffs that CAN’T take 4 out of 7 from the Yanks.

Tigers are leading the Twits 3 to 2 in the 7th. Cabrera hit a 2 run homer. Miguel. that is.

What was that about Cabrera hitting a 2-run homer?

Twins 4, Tigers 3…

Hell of a game so far. Too bad I CAN’T WATCH IT ON FUCKING TV.

Twins just went ahead on Cabrera’s homer; Mauer then singled. Ni, Detroit’s new LOOGY, is in to get Kubel.

Look who’s pitching for Detroit…

The Knights Who Say…