Major League Baseball: The 2010 Playoffs

Woo hoo! Here we go!


Tampa Bay Rays (96-66) vs Texas Rangers (90-72)

Minnesota Twins (94-68) vs New York Yankees (95-67)


Philadelphia Phillies (97-65) vs Cincinnati Reds (91-71)

San Francisco Giants (92-70) vs Atlanta Braves (91-71)

Some additional notes:

  1. When was the last time the PHILLIES had the best record in baseball, huh?

  2. I’m sure this has to be some kind of record for the smallest difference in win-loss record between the eight playoff teams; only seven wins separate the best from the worst.

  3. While I don’t really believe you can predict postseason series, the two I’d be most confident in picking are the Phillies over the Reds, just because Roy Halladay starts twice, and the Rays over the Rangers, because the Rays have an incredible front line rotation and the difference in record is substantially reduced by the virtue of the differences in the strength of their competition. The Rays had to play 54 games against three divisional opponents with winning records.

Phillies seem like an easy pick but then so do the Yanks over the Twins. Yanks will have 4 starts by lefties and no Morneau is big.

I think 2 starts by Cliff Lee is the huge equalizer between Rays and Rangers. Too close to call for me.

Giants vs Braves, I think the Giants will win but nothing I would bet on.

Less than 24 hours to the real season!

I’ll take the Phiilies, Giants, Rays and Yanks in Round 1.

After that, I think we’re looking at a Phillies-Rays rematch, with the same result.

I’m going for the Rangers (of course) and Twins for the A.L. and the Reds and Giants for the N.L.

Don’t assume it’s going to be so easy for the Pinstripes over the Twins this year. The Twins have home field, and they’ve just been a different team than usual. I think this could be the year we finally get past the Bombers. Even without Morneau, the Twins have been remarkably strong and consistent.

I don’t “assume” anything. The Yankees’ pitching is shaky enough that, if the Twins are EVER going to have a chance, this is the year.

I still say the Yanks will take the Twins in 4, before folding to the Rays.

No worries about Liriano not only being at his highest IP total ever but showing signs of dead arm?

I mean I am worried Andy isn’t all the way back yet but I would be more worried about Liriano.

Brian Duensing is also untried in the postseason but looks very good going into the post season at least.

Liriano’s recent struggles are certainly a concern. I couldn’t care less about about post season experience though. If I’m the Yankees, I’d be very concerned about having only one reliable starter.

The Twins are easily the deepest they have been in the wild card era. Usually they have a position or two where they have a scrappy guy who can’t hit, but this year they are pretty everywhere. I’ll take the Twins in 5 in a high scoring series where Pavano picks up the clinching victory.

Elsewhere, Rays in 4, Reds in 5, Braves in 4.

Rays over Twins in 6, Reds over Braves in 5 and then Rays win the world series in an anti-climatic 4 game sweep.

Texas just took game 1 over Tampa.

Look like Lee pitched a really good game and Price not even a quality start.

I didn’t see the game, but from all accounts, Lee pretty much just dominated. I wouldn’t mnd seeing the Rangers win that series because it would give the Twins HFA in the ALCS if they get past the Yanks.

Damn, what a disastrous start for the Reds. I questioned Baker’s decision to start Volquez as his game 1 starter when it became known because ever since his Tommy John surgery, Volquez has been pretty erratic until his last three or four starts.

The Reds HAVE to take one of these first two games in Philly in order to try to win the series.

This Travis Wood kid pitching now is the same guy that took a no-no into the 9th inning the last time he faced the Phils. He’s a rookie but a very competent pitcher. Hopefully the Reds bats will awaken and make this a game.

You can put a fork in the Reds…

Damn. Halladay is something else today.
It’s going to be tough for the Reds to come back if he keeps this up. Of course, with Votto in the lineup you can’t count out the Reds. But, they have to go up the down escalator to get it done.

I didn’t really have a problem with Baker starting Volquez. But, with the way the games in this series are spread out I think he might have been better off pulling him earlier when it was pretty clear he was getting rattled. After he gives up the hit to Halladay you have to consider it. I was surprised when he didn’t pull him after Rollins’ walk. Then again, I guess it is just as likely he gets Victorino out as anyone else.

In the American League, I did not expect Cliff Lee to have a first inning like that. The other 6 innings looked a lot more like the Lee I would have expected. What was up with David Price. Are the Rangers that good, or did Price have a bad game? I don’t think he gave up that many runs more than 3 or 4 times the entire season.

I was glad to see Tampa’s stadium sold out and the fans into it. Hopefully, they will win the second game and turn the series into something to be excited about.

In the middle of the first game? I don’t think so. Halladay is pitching like a god but that’s no guarantee that Hamels or Oswalt will. The Reds do have an offense, even if it isn’t readily apparent against one of the best pitchers in baseball.

No-no through 8 for Doc!

I guess it was good that the old Phils traded for this guy.

That guy is just amazing.

I’ve said it many times before, and shall say it again:

Roy Halladay.

If only Halladay had some postseason experience…