Yankees-Bosox: Who Will Win?

I’m rooting for the Red Sox, but I’m not liking their chances right now, especially given the pitching matchups. To me, Pettitte v. Burkett in Game 6 looks like a Yankees lock, and even if the Sox win today, there’s this sense of inevitability about it, should it come down to a Game 7.

My secret hope is that Grady Little, cognizant of how little the usual rules of wear and tear on pitchers’ arms apply to knuckleballers, pitches Wakefield in Game 6.


Well, it’s best two of three now with Lowe and Pedro to come. Lowe’s been very good at home (his last game was away), so hopefully he’ll come through today.

Yeah, but Pedro didn’t exactly look overpowering in Game 3, and it’ll be him and Roger again in Game 7.

Which is why I’m hoping for Wakefield again in Game 6: if the Bosox had a decent chance to put it away then, without having to wait on Game 7, I’d feel a lot more optimistic.

Well, Pedro was completely dominant after the 4th inning affair. The Yanks didn’t even get another baserunner until the 8th or 9th. If he brought that from the start, the Sox win Game 3. If he brings that from the start in Game 7, all the Sox need is two runs…

That’s always been the Yankees’ not-so-secret weapon, hasn’t it? The whole “team of destiny” aura?

I was really interested in the series before it started (as a Seattleite, I’m more of an AL guy than an NL guy), but now that it seems to be turning into the Evil Empire vs. the Barroom Brawlers, I’m finding it hard to root for either side or get invested in any way in the outcome. Instead, I’ve decided to sympathize with the Cubbies in the long term.

That said, I think the Yankees have the edge, and will probably be facing Chicago in the World Series.

Yankees in six. Unfortunately, Boston pretty much sucks. They have for the past 85 years and they will continue to do so in the future. Look for Pettite to close it out.

Their three highest paid guys (Pedro, Manny, Nomar) don’t live up to their responsibilities, and the guys that go out there and give it their all every day don’t have the talent to carry the team.

Pedro and Manny are too immature and Nomar won’t step up and be the leader that holds everything together that he needs to be.

Without idiotic baserunning by the A’s, they wouldn’t even be in this series in the first place. The Sox didn’t deserve to be in this series and it shows.

Well, that was certainly an unbiased assesment. :rolleyes:

Consider the flip-side: the Sox had pretty much the best offense in the history of baseball this year. Their pitching has come up huge in the postseason. If they’d just kept hitting in October, the Yanks would be out 4-1 now. To say they suck is just ridiculous.

Funny. The Sox consistently show themselves to be one of the best teams in the AL, only to fall short after the All-Star break.

I think it could go either way, but I’m rooting for the Sox. 85 years? It’s been too long. In any case, whoever wins the series, it had better not be the Yankees. That would be too much.

But the Red Sox suck? Have sucked for the last 85 years? Will continue to suck in the future? Nonsense.

Well, unfortunately, I think the series is just about done. I just can’t imagine Burkett coming up with the big win. He has heart, but he has a serious lack of talent to contend with. Our only hope is to put up Wakefield and hope for the best. If Grady Little starts Burkett and only uses Wakefield when he gets in trouble it will be too late.

I still believe, but my hope has taken a beating.