Jet Li: Final martial art film?

I’ve seen a couple ads for the movie Fearless and the ads state that it is going to be his last martial arts epic.

This strikes me as kind of odd. It’s not like the guy died. Anybody know the scoop on this statement?


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I had thought of posting the same question (but was too lazy.) A quick look at IMDB shows a movie named Rogue coming out in 07 and it looks to me to be a marital art’s film. So I don’t know what they are on about.

Maybe the guy wants to broaden his horizons. It’d be nice to see if he can do something besides a martial arts movie. In Unleashed he showed the potential to be able to do something else on screen besides punch people in the neck.

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Its a gimmick. Pure and simple. It may mean his last movie that will based solely on his ability. Jet’s getting old, he’s slowing down. Future movies may rely more on his presence and charisma rather than his kick-assness.

I don’t recall a noticeable shortage of neck-punching in that movie, though.

Pretty much what she said. Li did an interview or two that said that Fearless was going to be his last martial arts film, and that he was going to do more…well, actory roles from now on.

But now he’s making Rogue with Jason Statham, so…

(And being a geek, I really want that movie to be set in the WoW universe but, alas, it does not appear to be.)

If it was set in the WoW universe, it would be called Rouge. :wink:

Honestly, it’s not like it’s hard to spell.

Damn… hope hes not as fast in those films…

Wow… that really didn’t post as well as it sounded in my head…