Jews are no better or worse than anybody else.

This conclusion provides a balance between Jewish pride and hatred of Jews.

Yyyyyyeah. I don’t think the opposite of “hatred of Jews” is necessarily “Jewish pride”, but OK.

What kind of opinions are you looking for, berdollos?
I think on this board, you’ll find that the vast, vast majority of people will respond by saying “yeah, Jews are no better or worse than anybody else”.

Could you specify a purpose for this thread?

Man, I’m glad someone finally set the record straight.


I thin it was to demonstrate that the dual-forum quadruple-post with a half-twist, preivously thought to be a human impossibility, was indeed possible.

Heh heh, your splash was bigger.

"Jews are no better or worse than anybody else."

No shit? What a revelation! And on Friday afternoon, too. You rock, guy! :rolleyes:

No group of people is better or worse than any other group of people. The problem is getting all the groups to understand that and act accordingly.

in other news the pope may be catholic and some weird substance that may be bear poo has been found in the woods

Better or worse at what?

Christians are no better or worse than anybody else.

Muslims are no better or worse than anybody else.

Buddhists are no better or worse than anybody else.

Hindus are no better or worse than anybody else.

Agnostics are no better or worse than anybody else.

Atheists are no better or worse than anybody else.

…et cetera…

I prefer not to judge someone by their belief system, but rather by their behavior…and I’m still looking for a point to this OP.

better or worse than other groups.

However, it is apparent that the sense of arrogance and superiority as well as despising others or feeling worse than others is widespread. I am pleased that straightdopers found this insight so ordinary, as day after day in discussions and in the media, I hear people indicating their sense of superiority and the inferiority of others.
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Freebasing peanut butter is really dangerous. You should quit.

Would you be quiet! My wife might hear. I’ve managed to convince her that at least one of them (me) is a little better than most everbody else (I think I’ve managed to convince her of that. At least she says she’s convinced…).

I used to think we were better than everybody else, but then Ariel Sharon showed up on the world stage and that guy’s bringin’ the average way down. (Also, all those creepy jews who came to D.C. to march last Monday – ick!)


Well I did always wonder about the Chosen People thing. That always sounded a little arrogant to me.

That’s because you very clearly don’t understand the concept. “Chosen” doesn’t mean superior, it means chosen to follow the Laws of God. It means different, not better. It means that the Jews have a burden that others don’t.

Compare that to the belief of many Christians whereby if you don’t believe exactly what they do you will suffer an eternity of uninaginable torture after you die. Talk about arrogant.


I’m better than everyone else. That I’m Jewish is merely coincidental.

I’m half-Jewish. I’m half as good and half as bad as the rest of the folks out there.

I agree with you about the Christians, but isn’t saying tha Jews have a burden that others don’t a little like saying Jews are superior since God felt they were worthy of being chosen to follow his laws?

No. The legend (nonBibilical folklore) says that God offered this burden to several different groups, all of whom turned it down, until he came accross the Hebrews who decided to accept it. Aside from that, anyone who so desires can join the tribe but then they’re supposed to follow the laws too.

I do not currently practice any religion and consider myself an atheist but I was raised as a Reform Jew and went through religious training until I was 18 years old. This notion of “superiority” is not part of the doctrine and simply doesn’t exist except in the minds of a very few racists.