"JFK and SAM" New Light on Kennedy Assassination?

I just read a new book about an old topic-by the daughter of the late Mafia Boss Sam Giancana (Antonette Giancana). The book is a refutaion of Oswald as the assassin, and raises some interesting points. One that I find intriguing: Sam Giancana was murdered in1975, many years after the assassination. She clains that before her father’s murder, Giancana’s house was under regular FBI and Police surveillence. Supposedly, on the night of the murder, all of the police cars left-to provide access for the assassin? I also find the links between Giancana and Kennedy fascinating-Giancana was a major player in the Havana casino business, and lost lots of money when Castro took over. He was also a big associate of Carlos Marcello (New Orleans Mafia boss), and Johnny Roselli (florida Mafia boss who was murdered). Did Giancan know a lot about the keenedy hit? Why was he killed-he had no active role in the Mob at the time of his death. Anyway, the books points a finger at the FBI-and its director (Hoover). Was Hoover a friend of several Mafia bigwigs? Did he conspire to get rid of the Kennedies? All in all, a good read-I’m not sure I believe most of it…but what is certain is how corrupt the CIA , FI, and Johnson were-that alone is reason to read the book.
Anybody know more about RFK’s attempts to braek the Mob? Was he aware of the CIA involvement with the Mob (the attempst to bump off Castro?). Finally, who killed Roselli? :confused:

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Sounds to me like Antonette (or some ghost-writer) thought a few bucks could be made by swirling together yet another mix of ever-popular ingredients: JFK, conspiracy and the Mob. Since the principal characters are dead and any who aren’t but disagree can be accused of being in on the conspiracy, why not?

In 1994 or '95, I heard a radio interview of Frank Ragano, author of Mob Lawyer. (I haven’t actually read the book). Ragano told of how, in 1963, he had a conversation with Jimmy Hoffa, who was furious over AG Bobby Kennedy’s investigation of the Teamsters. Finally, Hoffa roared, “We’ve gotta kill the bastard!” (Or words to that effect.) Ragano was astonished. “Kill Bobby Kennedy!” Hoffa: “No, not Bobby! Jack! The president! You tell [mob boss, forget his name, may have been Rosselli or Trafficante] to set it up!”

Next time Ragano met his Mob-boss clients at a restaurant, he said, laughing, “You’re not gonna believe this! Hoffa wants you to kill the president!” And the two bosses at the table . . . just silently looked at each other. And Ragano knew, at that moment, that they didn’t need Hoffa to make the suggestion; the assassination had already been ordered and arranged.


Bryan Ekers nailed it.

A mob boss dies violently. That is puzzling. And BTW you don’t retire from the mob. It isn’t General Motors and they don’t do pension plans.

I’ve spent some time this weekend reading up on the JFK assassination and playing the simulation mentioned in this thread:

The simulation has some issues, but it seems reasonably close in the important particulars, especially those of range and possibility. After playing many many runs of the simulation, I’m satisfied that a shooter in Oswald’s alleged position could have done the deed. The ranges are fairly short, and the shots he allegedly made are not even especially difficult.

However, I still don’t think the fatal shot was fired from the book depository. (I am also not convinced Oswald was the guy pulling the trigger) From the Zapruder film, I think the fatal shot likely came from the front/right…which would be the grassy gnoll. Another possibility would be from the front left, with the shooter firing from the prone position, partially concealed by trees along the railroad line left of the overpass. That would be a trickier shot, but still doable, and the range wouldn’t be extreme.

IMHO, a second shooter does not necessarily imply a conspiracy. Lots of people had motives to kill JFK. The Mob, Right-wingers, possibly rogue elements within the CIA/FBI. Could have been a lone gunman. Could have been more than one “lone gunmen”. Could have been an elaborate conspiracy. I doubt we’ll ever know for sure.

I’m pretty sure, actually. JFK was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald.

There used to be a band in Tampa called the Grassy Knoll Gunmen, and one in Baltimore called the Single Bullet Theory.

[dave chappelle’s sketch based on Morgan Freeman’s role as the black president in Deep Impact)

. . . alone and by himself!

Using a magic bullet.

Yes, magic is real! We’ve known this for centuries!


There was no ‘magic bullet’. The magical path it took is a total distortion of fact by people who clearly knew better. They made it ‘magic’ by showing Connolly sitting directly in front of and slightly lower than Kennedy. In fact, his seat was substantially inboard of Kennedy’s (enough to provide a walkway to the back seat), and significantly lower. If you put the seat in the right place, the need for the ‘magic’ in the bullet trajectory goes away.

And in fact, a company did a computer simulation a few years ago that traced the path of the bullet backwards through Connolly and through Kennedy, then in a straight line back from there. It went straight through the fourth floor window of the Texas Book Depository.

A long time ago I was semi-convinced of a conspiracy. Today, every one of those arguments I had has been thoroughly debunked, and I’m 100% sure Oswald was the shooter.

However, I should also add that accepting Oswald as the shooter doesn’t rule out a conspiracy. Oswald could have been hired by the mob, the Cubans, the Russians, or the husband of some wife John was shagging. Who knows? My guess is (and all the evidence points to ) that he was a nutcase who decided to kill Kennedy all on his own, but he certainly could have been a gun for hire.

I know this has been debunked many times, but boy - watching the Zapruder film and it sure does look like the driver turns around, with a gun in hand, just as the fatal shot hits Kennedy, snapping his head backwards. I actually saw a special on this while living in Tokyo about 20 years ago; the program suggested that Jackie was trying to escape the gunman sitting in front of her.

I can certainly see why so many people would want to believe that the shot came from in front of the car (‘back and to the left’); to the layman the film sure looks like JFK was shot from in front.

I once saw an animated short: A cleaning woman working in a scientist’s lab accidentally activates the time machine. She goes through history changing things.

ON THE HINDENBERG: [slaps a cigar out of a man’s hand, points to sign] “No smoking!!” [Hindenberg docks safely]

AT A NAZI PARTY RALLY: [Hitler is in the middle of a vigorous rant while the charwoman is sitting on the dais next to him] “Is it true you’ve only got one ball?” [Hitler moans and buries face in hands]

IN DALLAS: [charwoman is riding in Kennedy’s limo] “Why don’t you and Jackie change places?”


When I was in high school, I stumbled upon a book by Maj. Donald Kehoe. I read and just knew that flying saucers were real. He opened my eyes.

Then I grew up.

Hey, I remember that book. It convinced me too, back in grade school.

Isn’t he head of the Spaceology Department at the Correspondence College of Tampa?


Given that J Edgar died in 1972*, I tend to doubt that he had much to do with killing Sam Giancana in 1975.
*Or at least that’s what they want us to believe!

Lest members think you are older than I, I read that book in 1961. Were you in grade school in 1961?

Oh bullshit. There were no books in 1961. You read it in the original hieroglyphics on the cave wall by firelight. The modern era did not begin until I was born about 4 years later…