JFK assassination coverage: ID these news guys?

Two recent docs on the assassination took a different approach to telling the story. The first one that aired recently “JFK: Three Shots that Changed America,” followed shortly by “The Lost JFK Tapes” (which covered a little more ground). Both took the approach of having no narrator, no interviews, and no new footage. Both were all strictly archive footage and sound recordings done for the most part in chronological order.

Anyway, there were several news types that I couldn’t id, and were not ided in either doc.

Here’s the list. I think one is Marvin Kalb. The one that looks like Roy Kinnear did indeed have a British accent. The one with two men is ABC news, the guy on the left being the anchor, I think. The others. . . don’t have a clue. Some could be local Dallas guys.

I’m pretty sure Unknown 2 (the Roy Kinnear guy) is Richard Dimbleby, who was the BBC’s version of Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite combined.

In the U.S. he’s probably best known for his famous Spaghetti Harvest report.

The guy who looks like Marvin Kalb probably is Marvin Kalb, who was working for CBS at the time.

In unknown 1 the ABC guy on the right is James Haggerty. Haggerty served as Eisenhower’s news secretary in the 1950s, and was an ABC News executive when Kennedy was killed. The guy on his right was the first person on ABC to announce the shooting. He wasn’t the nightly news anchor – I think he just happened to be the guy in the newsroom at the time. I’ve seen one clip where someone off camera called him “Don” or “Tom” but I don’t know his name.

Unknown 3 rings a bell. I can’t be specific, but I think he might have been with CBS. I can’t help you at all with Unknown 4.

The Roy Kinnear lookalike is not Richard Dimbleby.

I too think that the Roy Kinnear lookalike isn’t Richard Dimbleby.

In fact, I think it is Roy Kinnear. He took part in the celebrated That Was The Week That Was special, which remains the most famous aspect of the British TV coverage.

I was thinking that the resemblance is uncanny, but I thought Kinnear would have looked younger in 1963. But if TWTWTW did a special, that must be it.