Jicama can be mashed ? Or was I lied to...

So I was reliably informed by the interwebs that Jicama (aka Yam Bean) makes a good potato replacement, including the ability to be mashed.

I have just spent the last 45 mins or so boiling a pan of Jicama and it still has the consistency of very undercooked potato. Is there, gasp, incorrect information on the internet. Or is there some trick I am missing to making mashed Jicama ?

Like potatoes, it needs to be cooked first. In this case, boiled long and hard.

However, in this case you seem to have been sucked into the fallacy that, though people have NOT cooked and eaten it for thousands of years, it might still be edible.

I tend to support the, “Grandma managed to cook it so I can probably digest it,” rule of thumb, though mine wife has tested mine bowels with raw cabbage, and lost, the past few days.

But I boiled it for 45 minutes! It was no where near being mashable.

This blogger successfully mashed potatoes, but did it in a food processor and said that the boiled jicama was still a bit tough after boiling for about 30 minutes.

Don’t do it! Raw jicama is such a delight!

Mashed JICAMA, I mean.

And I even edited that post to correct a different error.

Cauliflower makes a much better sub for mashed potatoes. I’m to the point now where I actually like it better!

Yeah if “can be mashed” means “can be reduced to a pulp in a food processor” then steak can be mashed as well :slight_smile:

I guess I will return to my usual potato replacement, turnips and rutabaga.

If you like carrots, mixing in some carrots in there is wonderful. I do equal parts rutabaga and carrots. Or even equal parts potato (skin on) and carrots will do a lot if you’re looking to reduce starch. Although lately I’ve read potatoes can actually be quite good for dieters, as they are among the highest on the satiety index.

Might I suggest celery root (celeriac) instead? It is definitely used as a low-carb sub for mashed potatoes and actually tastes really good. It has a faint, but pleasant, celery flavour and has the consistency of mashed potatoes when boiled and mashed. It also looks a bit like jicama. In fact, I wonder if that’s where the confusion lies.

You also might have better luck mashing mirliton aka chayote, if you can find it. It is also a low carb alternative, and it came to mind when I read this thread.

Pretty interesting article about reestablishing/Arking the Mirliton plant varieties native to NO that were wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.

I might be off in calling the mirliton “low-carb”. Moderate in carbs might be more realistic.

Do it! Raw jicama tastes like raw starch! :smiley:

Eat a slice of raw potato. Jicama tastes like that, but not so much because there is a higher water:raw starch ratio.

What if you happen to like both raw jicama and raw potato?

Though I find that they both remind me texturally of apples =) I am more into veggies than fruit as I have weaned myself of having a sweet tooth, and I have always liked salty/vinegary to sweet noncandy foods =)

What, mashed cauliflower? Or just regular boiled or steamed cauliflower? I’ve never heard of anyone mashing it before.

Yes, mashed/pureed cauliflower. It was popularized by the low-carb diets, because it’s much lower carb than mashed potatoes.

I’ve never had the jicama mashed, just used as a sub for apple. I’ve made it as spiced “apples” and in a tart but I’ve never tried mashing it. I imagine it would be better if you pureed it.

I make mashed cauli about once a week but it has a taste that bothers me unless I cover it with too much cheese. Rest of the gang loves it though. That you just boil until it’s soft and mash or puree. I like it fork mashed to leave a few chunks.

(I also rice cauliflower in my food processor. I like it better than white rice!)