Jiggly Butt

(Warning: Not work safe, Rated: R)


I love me some Foamy.

That’s three minutes of my life I’d like to have back…


I’m with you. I kept waiting for it to be funny.

Me, too. It was a great setup. OK, obsessing over weight while the cat complains … See, I’m with them for a bit. But I’m waiting for the punch line to kick in and it never happens. Oh well, what the hell. Whaddaya expect for three minutes? I mean, it wasn’t so godawful I wanted to scratch my eyes out. I give it 1½ stars.

It’s a squirrel. A misanthropic squirrel named Foamy, to be exact. But yeah, that’s not one of the better ones. Check out “Small, Medium, Large” for a good one.

Foamy rocks. Tech-Support is my favorite episode. :stuck_out_tongue:

Saw that when it first came out. Loved it myself. Especially the sign. “Foamy demands better scripts.” By the way, if you want to try others, I suggest “5 more minutes.”

[sub]With the cheesy cheesy creamy cheese[/sub]

I highly reccomend “Squirrel Songs” and “Sitcom Silliness”.

I’m the Lord and Master
You all are bastards!
Worship me
Or I’ll stab your eyes 'til you bleed
I’m the Lord and Master!

Oh, and the fan mail ones are good too.

I like Jiggle butt. An ass of proportio ample is to be worshipped and nuzzled with enthusiasm. Ahh… the hinterlands pillowy, billowy, love haunches…Largish hams to frame the bacon.

Sorry about that last post, I’m possessed by the Jaybels (JB/Jack Black). Sittin’ here listenin’ to Tenacious D and drinking a Rum and Mountain Dew Pitch Black.

Anyone else think that sounds like a Pokemon? “Jiggybutt, jiggy-jiggy-jiggy butt!”

I do!!! That’s the first thing I thought of!!! But that’s because Jiggly Puff" is a Pokemon. One of my favorites actually.