My new favorite animal

The Wild Ass!


Are they really good at guessing?

I really don’t want to imagine what he was searching for that would turn that up. :slight_smile:

Nah, I’ve always liked boobies.

Don’t know what this is - but it sure doesn’t look happy



Was it this kind of squirrel you were looking for?

I find them hot. Brown fur, pinkish nipples. They usually haul more. Blah.
Stallions? What’s so special about them?

LMAO! I know that is frowned upon but that pic just brins it out. I have seen that picture once before. It was attatched to a joke about a lady who was from the south. she took her cat to be groomed and told them she wanted a line cut. but w/her accent they heard LION cut…so that’s why the cat looks like that.

Never laughed so hard until i read that…

Frighteningly enough, while the joke is fake, people really do this to cats. Yipes.

Myself, I always enjoy great tits..