Jigzone.com is one of my favorite sites on the web. I can’t start a day without stopping by and checking the puzzle of the day. Some are too easy, some are fiendishly hard. But that’s OK, 'cause you can just select a different pattern, click the button, and make it harder or easier.

And here’s a classic from the gallery that is especially appropriate for tomorrow. Who knows, it may be the puzzle of the day for tomorrow!

I might just officially love you for that site.

You’re welcome, DarbyV!

Haven’t seen you on the MPSIMS before. Do you hang out more in the other boards?

I’m a professional lurker by trade. I only post on the amatuer level. :smiley:

Very cool site Ralf, thank you.

My favorites list just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, [sub]and bigger[/sub]…

Thanks, Bumbazine. It’s addicting!