Jim Carrey's tooth

Did Jim Carrey really chip his tooth for Dumb & Dumber?

nope! it’s a childhood injury. he was resting his head on his desk and a classmate jumped on him. i read that in an interview

I’ve read the same. Jim Carrey usually has a cap to cover up the chipped tooth, and he removed it for the movie.

uh, isn’t removing a cap essentially the same as re-chipping it? I think the point of the question is “did he make it that way on purpose.”

“There’s a snake in my boot!”

I’m not sure, since I’ve never had caps, but I would think that caps are not made out of ivory. So he didn’t purposely have a chunk knocked out of the original tooth, but the “artificial” cap was removed to reveal the original tooth. And yes, it was done for “authenticity” of his character in the movie (according to what I’ve read.)

Just ONE? I thought that face full of Chiclets were all caps! The guy’s smile looks like two octaves of a piano in a one octave mouth.

Seriously, does anybody else think JC would be a great Darren Stevens for a Bewitched remake?


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Didn’t Brad Pitt chip his tooth for Fight Club?

IIRC, Brad Pitt chipped his tooth by accident during the filming of the movie “Fight Club” and didn’t have a cap put in until after the movie was over, because he thought the chipped tooth added to his character.