Jim Morrison lyrics

In “LA Woman”, in one of the few lines that isn’t totally incoherent screaming, Jim sounds like he’s saying “Did a little dog about an hour ago”.
What are the real words? THOSE?

“Just got into town about an hour ago.”

Nice Mondegreen. It’s actually far more prosaic:

At least that’s the published version. I’m not sure what the words you heard suggest about your mental state.

C’mon Lassie, here girl, I’ve got a nice bone for you …

As a bonus, note the lyric ‘Mr. Mojo risin’ is an anagram for Jim Morrison.

I know the “offical” lyric is, “Just got into town…” but I’m convinced (sort of) that Morrison actually says, “Took a leak in town…” This is supported by the next line, which goes, “Took a look around me which way the wind blows”.

Makes perfect sense to me… :slight_smile:

Hey, YOU knew which line I meant.