Jim Morrison's Dad Breaks Silence


Interesting comments from the Morrison family; I don’t recall ever reading any “on the record” comments from his dad over the years.


First time I have ever read a direct quote from his father.


Hmmm. Maybe it’s just me, but I read this a few times:

Could it be just awkward sentence structure, do you think, or is this kind of an odd sentiment?

I think the past record on his dad (at least that I’ve read) is that he wasn’t exactly an affectionate, demonstrative person. Lifetime Navy (I believe he was the youngest admiral ever at one point) may have played into that.

I’m pretty sure he means that they are taking pleasure in his life, not in the fact that he’s dead. His choice of words is odd in places.

Sounds like he’s glad to be rid of him.

I was hoping Mr. Morrison would reveal that Jim had been secretly living at home all those years-not rotting away in PereLaChaise cemetary in Paris! :o

My memory is foggy (hey, it was the 60’s) but I recall several articles about journalists trying to interview the parents and were refused, with less-than-subtle brush-offs from the family who wanted to keep their distance.

They say time heals all wounds, and my guess is that the father might have mellowed a bit in his old age, but it hardly sounds like a doting father regretting the lose of a beloved son.

Wouldn’t be the first case of a military dad, and rebellious son, not coming to terms in their lifetimes.

WTF makes you say that?

Jim Morrison was a brilliant artist, but after reading two biographies of him including Sugarman’s, I also came to the conclusion that he was a colossal asshole.

Yeah, like many poets/artists, especially ones of his ilk, he wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around and some of his childhood antics were not unlike those of serial killers or something. Probably drove his dad nuts. Of course, Morrison’s vocals and lyrics are what fans remember, and that’s what’s important.

I agree with the latter portion of that sentence.

Years ago I read the book No One Here Gets Out Alive, and I remember there was some stuff in the book about Jim Morrison’s dad and that he was career Navy and all of that, and how much Jim Morrison hated his mainstream, conservative parents, especially his father. After that I seriously always felt really sorry for his parents. Honestly, imagine having a son who not only really seemed to hate you but made such an ass of himself so often, and made it so public. I am not being ironic.

Never really thought of it that way. Good point.

Thank you, Lochdale. It’s just that while it’s not weird for young people to rebel, Jim Morrison’s anger seemed almost pathological. Even if his dad was strict and maybe not terribly demonstrative, making it so public just seems to me to be really mean.