Upcoming Jim Morrison Documentary

New Jim Morrison Documentary

I hope no one like Oliver Stone or Martin Scorsese make this, but I don’t want some young director who has no idea… Hopefully there’s a director who was around and maybe even seen The Doors who can make this.

I also hope they go to the source – Jim Morrison. There’s a lot of interviews (audio, text, even a little bit of video) to get a better understanding, since many of the books (and of course oliver’s shitty movie) are inaccurate, 2nd or 3rd hand, and refuted by those close… Jim’s siblings are still alive, and so are John and Robby, so I hope they don’t select the flavor-of-the-week “musicians” of today. They did this with a few before, and it seems they’re repeating some cliche someone else said.

If they go into the dark side, I hope they do it accurately, instead of referencing events where there’s no proof. Like his death. My gosh, I’ve heard dozens of crazy stories, but never backed with hard information, which doesn’t make it wrong, but I’d like someone responsible who understands how quickly bad information gets passed by the masses, which makes it hard to unlearn the bullshit, even after you do read some more credible information.

My question is: What’s the point?

Don’t we already know pretty much everything about this mediocre ‘talent’ already? Unless it turns out he’s a Space Alien, its all been done before. Many times.

Of course, the point is Money. Always is.

My question is: What’s the point?

I agree. I know everything about Morrison that I ever want to know. I liked the Doors back in the day and still enjoy hearing many of their songs, but looking at them critically, they turned out a number of memorable songs mixed in with a lot of dreck.

I also wonder who would want to see this? Few people under 65 actually remember the Doors, and for those younger people who are interested, there are many resources already out there that pretty much cover the band and Morrison’s personal stories in all aspects.

Piecemeal business is a part of it, and they say they don’t want to focus on the negative.

Why does it bother people if they release 100? I’d watch every one, why not? What else is there to watch?

Near-celebrity autopsy reveals, contestants getting knocked around by giant blunt objects before being submerged and reality shows featuring idiots who’ve made colossally bad lifestyle choices.

And endless regurgitations of Shark Week.

This is absurd. The band has always been popular with musicians. And they were more popular in cities than rural America.

Id be curious who you think a real talent is. Morrison was well ahead of his time. Listen to the shallow lyrics of the late 60s. He died at 27. He was still better lyrically than his contemporaries. Musically the band were better than their contemporaries.

True enough. My brain is squirming like a toad, just thinking about it.

Same era? Todd Rundgren.

Is that cheating? :grin:

Most of The Doors fans nowadays are UNDER the age of 65.

To quote Denis Leary circa 1992:

“I’m drunk, I’m nobody, I’m drunk, I’m famous, I’m drunk, I’m dead. Big fat dead guy in a bathtub. OK?”

Morrison was an interesting character. He was very well-read, a university graduate, had a high IQ, his dad was a freaking admiral!

No. I’ll definitely watch this. Apparently he was a nice, sweet, funny guy, until he got drunk, which unfortunately happened just about every day after they started making serious money.

He wrote some very interesting songs, and a couple of books of questionable poetry. They’re in the R&R Hall of Fame, and wouldn’t be without him. He had the looks. He had the talent. He probably overdosed by snorting heroine, but we’ll never know.

I wonder who he stole that from.


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“Snortin’ women and drinkin’ cocaine…”

Then they swam to the sun.

An admiral in the Gulf of Tonkin! I’m guessing Stephen Morrison knew the incident was a false flag (wasn’t de-classified until the 2000s) but I wonder if Jim knew… I doubt it, but its too bad he didn’t live long enough. We’re running out of interesting people who are also in the public eye.

Kinda makes it worthless though. I appreciate warts and all documentaries. The recent one on James Brown I think did a great job elucidating both what an absolute genius Brown was and also what a total shit he could be (and before anyone gets a head of steam built up, I’m not directly comparing Brown to Morrison in either category). Morrison by most accounts (including John Densmore, I believe) had a problematic misogynistic streak. There is no reason not to address this in a full documentary.

Anyway I’m another one in the camp that Morrison has been kinda done already in multiple media. I have no objection to doing him again, but it is best done right if you’re going to beat his story’s horse into the ground one more time. I’m not much interested myself and my views of The Doors are not negative - I’m not a superfan, but they had their moments.