Jimmy Carter and the killer rabbit: See the picture!

Cecil’s column about the killer rabbit attacking Jimmy Carter:

The picture of this incident is now online!


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How disappointing. When you said “See the picture!”, I though you meant that there was now a major release motion picture theatrical production of the incident. Hmmm…

**Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the swamp…
Danger rears its floppy ears.

Over two pounds of wet, hissing, bucked teeth…
And its got its pink sights set on the leader of the free world.

This summer, Brad Pitt is President James Carter in
Airboat One: The Scampering.

Death is a just a jump, skip, and hippity hop away.**

Night Of The Lepus 2: Electric Boogaloo

Thank you Revtim. IMHO, that picture should forever put to rest the “Nutria” hypothesis, put forward in a postscript to the Master’s column by one Thomas Canaday of San Francisco, California.

Compare Google’s set of nutria images with the blowup of Carter’s swamp bunny. Take special note of the ears.

The URL has changed; it’s now:


Whatever that critter was, the picture shows a longer tail than I’ve ever seen on a rabbit.

I don’t think that’s the tail, just the ripples in the water from it swimming.

Thanks, I’ve been waiting 9 1/2 years for that!

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