Jimmy Page

in case anyone is interested, i posted a review from a recent show on my page:

go to info, then its under reviews.
(jimmy page/black crowes 10.18, 10.19)

Chief’s Domain - http://www.seas.ucla.edu/~ravi

Keep this post at the top somehow… I wanna check it out but don’t have the time right now…

Yer pal,

ok :slight_smile:

Chief’s Domain - http://www.seas.ucla.edu/~ravi

Just trying to keep it at the top for you. This is kind of like that Sysyphus thing all over again, ain’t it Satan?

Okay, I checked it out.

Chief, you’re a fan, and your enthusiasm is most welcome. I’m afraid I’m too jaded these days, so I need to read stuff like that to kick me in the ass and make me realize why I’m doing what I do.

Ironically enough, when I say The Crowes for the first time - after the first album came out, in the 1,200 or co capacity Marquee in NYC, Slash joined them for an encore.


damnnit you saw slash with them?? wow that must have been kick ass!
how was the show? what did he play with them?
i think i might have a tape…

ive seen slash and hes one hell of a guy… awesome guitar of course. i got to meet him too :slight_smile:

this page show was unbelieveable… it seemed like i went back in time … page is still pretty damn good :slight_smile:

Chief’s Domain - http://www.seas.ucla.edu/~ravi

It was ages ago, chief, and I have no idea what song he did with them, but rest assured it was some old blues standard…

The memory is the first thing to go!

I went to high school with Steve Gorman – he was a good friend of mine. Hell of a nice guy.

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