Man I Wish I Could Have Been At This Concert!!

I didn’t know this existed. Apparently the Foo Fighters arranged to have JPJ and Page from Zeppelin to appear on a few songs at Wembley a few years ago.

Holy Fucking Christ! I suppose my interest in Led Zeppelin has been re-ignited by reading this autobiography of Zep called “Led Zeppelin: When Giants Walked The Earth” but hot damn…the old guys still have it!

Page tears this solo a new one:

And this song rips pretty good, too:

I have to say, the excitement Dave Grohl is straining to contain, playing onstage in front of a HUGE crowd with rock legends that he grew up listening to is just so palpable…and entertaining.
I also stumbled across this wonderful rendition of “Going To California”, a duet with Paul Gilbert on acoustic guitar and John Paul Jones on mandolin that’s just incredible.


And upon review, it appears JPJ is playing an 8-string mandolin…didn’t know they existed. Unless its some other similar instrument I’m unaware of. Cool!

So, since you’ve only recently heard about this, I suppose it’s possible you haven’t heard of Them Crooked Vultures yet? No Page, but it’s got JPJ, Grohl, and Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

They were on tour until recently, so sorry to say, you might have missed out again! :smack: