So I saw Steely Dan in Birmingham, UK last night...

…and they were absolutely incredible. No mention was made of Walter Becker, but there was an unused microphone set up as a tribute to him. Donald Fagen was absolutely outstanding, as was John Herrington, but the stand out performer for me was Keith Carlock on drums - amazing. The highlight was “My Old School”, somewhat unexpectedly for me, but the audience couldn’t remain seated during that and the atmosphere in the auditorium was just pure happiness.
Definitely the best gig I’ve ever been to.
Just wanted to share as I’ve wanted to see them for god knows how long. Anyone else seen them recently?

Not recently but several times in the past.

You’re absolutely right about Jon Herington. Steely Dan used so many guitarists for the solos throughout their anthology, the fact that Herington can pull them off flawlessly is amazing.

Saw them at Red Rocks many years ago and they were fantastic. Would love to see them again too some day.

Glad to hear Steely continues touring.

I was afraid Walter’s death would end the band.