Jim's Journal

Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with it.

I wonder if my fondness for dairy products will help us win ball games

Nope, can’t say I am. Ain’t I helpful?

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I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for, but here are The Unofficial Jim’s Journal Home Page and Jim’s Journal The Books.

There’s also Jim’s Journal, but a quick glance makes me think that might be a different Jim.

I am. One day last semester, I was desperately in need of some relaxation; at Barnes & Noble I found the Jim’s Journal collection. Reading that thing was just soooooo relaxing. I’m a fan now.

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Didn’t he start out at the University of Illinois?

I don’t know, but when I was looking I found quite a few now-dead links that were MIT addresses.

Beatle, all three of those links were accurate, although the second and third were identical.

You are all aware, are you not, that Jim’s Journal was originally published in the Onion?

Anyway, the JJ panels I mentioned in the t-shirts thread are one where Jim says, “I noticed that our kitchen walls are kind of porous” and another where Jim’s cow orker Brian says, “It’s not my copy store–I can only care so much.” There’s a volume in that statement. We think, anyway.

I wonder if my fondness for dairy products will help us win ball games


Jim used to be in my college newspaper and I was a big fan ! Hadn’t thought about it in years . . . anyone know a paper that carries this strip anymore ? Is it still going ?

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Actually, Jim’s Journal was originally in The Daily Cardinal, one of the UW-Madison student newspapers. When Scott Dikkers (the cartoonist) joined The Onion, he took Jim with him.

Doh! You’re right; the Cardinal preceded the Onion. The strip no longer appears anywhere, but there are five collections, plus the “Pretty Good Jim’s Journal Treasury”, which has (some) commentary by Dikkers. Also, in answer to someone’s deleted post, yes, Jim married Ruth. Why, I don’t know, but she tries to dominate him, while he just slides out of her grip, in his boneless way.

I wonder if my fondness for dairy products will help us win ball games