JLo dumps Ben... gobble gobble indeed



Why are you posting it if you are bored by the news?

I guess Letterman had better dust off his JLo joke book.

Anybody want to make book on the next fiance for JLo?

Matt Damon?

I hope I’m next. That would be cool.

Ha! Is it wrong for me to be happy about this?

Maybe I’ve been hanging out at Fametracker for too long, but I was sick. to. death. of those two.

Guess Ben’s “wild night on the town with strippers” wasn’t the bullshit JLo’s publicists were making it out to be.

Don’t jump to any conclusions based only on a HUN story.

Dang. I was looking forward to an acrimonious divorce. Perhaps it was never meant to be.

Oh well, guess she changed her mind :smack:

I assume that, in this case, all bets made on how long the marriage would last get returned to the bettors?

Please ignore the above comment.

C’mon Jen… who’s your Daddy?

If true, at least one good thing came out of that movie.


Especially one that cites the National Enquierer.

Cheap publicity gimmick. I still won’t pay to see the movie. Come on HBO! I wonder if Gigli will be on before the Sopranos 5th season. What if they run it opposite the Super Bowl? Or the Thanksgiving Parade?

What’s up with the picture of JLO in the original ariticle? She looks creepy

I think Ben looks creepier.

The National Enquirer actually has a high level of accuracy on stories like this. They won’t run with it unless they have two eyewitnesses. Libel cases are just too expensive these days.

This reminds me of the time I saw two mules fighting over a turnip…

Who gives a sh*t?

Actually rr, that sounds pretty entertaining.

Our local paper gave that movie one of the worst reviews I’ve read in a long time.