Joan, Joan, Joan...

Joan Rivers has gone to the dark side of the plastic surgery veil and is starting to look like that scary New York socialite who looks like a lion.

Is it really that rare for a star to know when to stop with the plastic surgery?

You’ve probably seen this site, but if not, you’ll enjoy it:

It looks like there are quite a few who don’t know when to quit. Seems like the main culprit is the feeling that the clock is reaching 14:59 and they’re desperate to regain their old stardom. Some have the talent to reinvent themselves in a more mature form (Clint Eastwood, for example), and some don’t.

Joan seems to be in a special class, up there with David Guest and a few others, but not quite to the point of giving Jacko and the Cat Woman a run for their money.

I had never seen that site before.


I think she looks more like a space monkey in a wind tunnel.

You know, now that I look around the archives, I think Farrah Fawcett may be even scarier.

Starting to? I though she passed that point years ago. Funnily, I think Courney Love is starting to look like Joan Rivers…although I can’t tell if that’s plastic surgery or just bad living.

Oh gee. There she’s on that site Sublight linked…well you see what I mean…

That site, ohmygawd :eek:

Tara Reid is a kid. What the hell is she doing?

I have never seen anyone who gets their lips injected that looks better afterwards.

If Tara Reid is a kid, Britney Spears is a zygote. Britney first got a boob job at 16 or 17.

I should add that I saw Bree Walker on Larry King with her husband and I was very scared. She used to be a pretty lady now she doesn’t look human.

Actually, I’d guess that she’s the offspring of a plucked chicken and a skinned lizard.

What galls me is her commenting on the appearance of other people, especially with all the “OMIGOD-FAT!” comments she spews whenever a popular actress gains half a pound.