Joan Rivers, you insensitive, skanky, ignorant bag of bones and plastic

Choose your fucking material more wisely.

Bitch. :mad:

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Yeah, that’s gonna go over real well.

I hope someone feltch’s that geriatric knob gobbler with a goat.


Yeah, she must have figured that her career wasn’t crumbling fast enough, so she decided to demolish it with a controlled implosion.

You do realize, that this is the second thread about it, don’t you?

And yet somehow her face is crumbling at the speed of light… :smiley:

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Hmm, maybe Elizabeth Taylor could get standup comedy mileage out of Joan Rivers’ looks!

There was time back in the late 70s when Joan rivers was actually funny. but now she’s just a wizened, bitter, old yenta reduced to doing cheesy “fashion interviews” on basic cablewith a untalented offspring that she was probably thrown as an act of charity.

There used to be a place for washed-up mediocrities; it was called The Love Boat.

Reminds me of the “hilarious” stand up routine I saw by Louis Anderson years ago. Basically a “fuck the homeless” deal. You could have heard a freaking pin drop in the theater he was in. What an asshat.

I guess you can joke about a lot of things, but sometimes it’s just too soon, and to imply that a widow would rather have money then a spouse back is fucking evil, especially since the bodies have not all even been recovered.

What the hell was she thinking?


Sam Kinison was on SNL or some standup show in 86 and said something to the effect of “Chernobyl? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Suckers.”

I was only 14 at the time, but I knew that that was pretty offensive.

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Hopefully someone will make a hilarious joke about her husband offing himself rather than suffering another minute with her, 'cuz that’s just about as funny, isn’t it you talentless, candiru felching shrew.
Of course, I would never be so indecent. :o

She’s going to be in Louisville Tuesday night.

Too bad I have to work. Not.

Yuck. She is a vile hag. I love watching awards pre-shows - if you look closely, you can see the celebrities try to avoid her.

You know, people keep saying she used to be funny, but that is so hard to believe. People used to laugh at Carrot-top, though, so anything’s possible.

Now it’s called “Celebrity Boxing.” Of course, if you hit Joan Rivers hard enough, your fist would sink into her head like it was Play-Doh.

She used to joke about her husband killing himself because her shopping bills were too high.

Personally, I think he did it to get away from her.

Actually, I did hear a funny joke about homeless people. Does that make me insensitive and skanky?

It was from a guy on the Bob and Tom show, a syndicated morning show: "You know what’s great about dating homeless women? When you’re done with the date you don’t have to drive a half an hour to drive her home. You just pull over any old place, kiss her good night and let her out. “Well, good night!”

Of course, if you’re a gentleman, you open the door for her."

Okay, maybe you had to be there.

I agree though that 9/11 jokes are usually not funny. I’ve heard a few that are borderline but they poke fun at Osama and he’s fair game, I suppose.

ever notice how much she looks like a baboon?


she frightens me!

I didn’t click the link in the OP – I didn’t read any other posts in this thread – I just hate Joan Rivers with a burning passion.

Fuck her.

With a moose antler.

Nah- you were already insensitive and skanky. What? This is the Pit! Just funnin’ ya. I guess you had to hear the skit- it was really freaking vile. I liked your joke- it was funny.


Regarding Ms. Rivers, vile and unpleasant person that she is, has anyone else noticed the number of people on the tube who seem to have eyebrows half way up their forehead? Its sort of a double eyebrow effect, the top of the eye socket is one place and the actual hair is someplace else. :eek: Like that.

In Joan River’s case, it’s because her skin is stretched back so tightly, her eyebrow’s have migrated up there.

She probably has a lump of loose skin balled up on the back of her head. If it ever snaps loose, it’ll probably spell curtains for Home Shopping Network host or two.