job advice please

I need some ideas as to what type of jobs would possibly best suit my skills and personality. Below, is an incomplete list of some of attributes I feel will make me thrive in a working environment. I know I need to add a lot more, and will as they come to me. These are the most prominent though. In other words, I am seeking a job where the job offers me more than just a weekly paycheck, and where I can be comfortable enough to give my absolute best workmanship, a constant reciprocation which benefits both parties.

What I desire from the job
[li]Ability to work at my own pace[/li][li]Quality, not quantity is the main objective[/li][li]Work with others, or independently[/li][li]Requires attention to detail[/li][li]Utilizes organizinational skills[/li][li]Dayshift, full time, no weekends[/li][li]Minimal, or no customer service involved[/li][li]No heavy physical industrial type labor[/li][li]No menial, repetitious tasks[/li][li]No fast food or restaurant service[/li][li]Job offers challenge and responsibilty[/li][li]Co-workers who are mature, responsible, and intelligent[/li]
What I have to offer the job
[li]excellent organizational skills[/li][li]attention to detail, thorough, quality-minded[/li][li]self-starter, initiative, creative, innovative,problem-solving[/li][li]work well with others or independently[/li][li]enjoy challenge and responsibility[/li][li]willing to learn new things[/li][li]honesty, maturity, get along well with others, sincerity[/li][li]positive work attitude[/li]
Most of my work skills are intuitive skills, as opposed to learned skills. I realize that many these are “givens” so to speak, but I think they are very important. I have had jobs where many of the employees had little-to-no intuitive skills, and only used learned skills, which is not necessarily a good thing.

As far as my learned skills are concerened, here are my past job experiences:

[li]fast-food[/li][li]stocking[/li][li]customer service[/li][li]assembly[/li][li]packaging[/li][li]material-handling[/li][li]production[/li][li]cart jockey at grocery store :rolleyes:[/li][li]delivery[/li]
As you can see, I have no specific trade, or trade-skills. Most of the jobs I have had in the past, are lacking in requirement of intuitive skills, no-brainers, if you will.

So Dopers, got any suggestions? Feel free to ask any questions which may help you to help me. :smiley:

I thought posting to the SDMB was your job . . . :wink:

Start by putting the energy you put into posts here into making a resumé and sending it to various companies. Maybe get a job at a school teaching art, I dunno.