Job Interview in Chicago

I live in Michigan, but love Chicago and have been trying to get a job in the city for years. I’ve had about 5 interviews over 3 years in Chicago. Each one seems to go better than the last, each time I’m sure I’ve nailed it, and each time I don’t get the job and fall into a 2-3 month bout of depression and self-loathing.

Today I had my best interview yet. It’s almost a sure thing that I’ll get the job. So I definitely won’t be getting the job.

Curse you, Dope, and your temptress city.

Sending out a wish of good luck! Let us know what happens.

Don’t get discouraged: from your own words one can gather that you’re learning with each interview. Here’s hoping you win the job lottery this time. So break a leg, merde, all the good l–k wishes.

Positive Vibes coming to you from the Burbs of Detroit!

Good Luck!

So, yeah, they called today to say they’re sending me an offer letter.

I miiiiiiiiiiiight accept.

Just miiiiiiiiiiight?

happy dance for aaron

Way cool!
Let us know when to start up the welcome wagon!
Where you going to be working, and where do you want to live?

Congratulations! Good luck!

Total yay. Any general indication of the type of job?

It’s a web development type job in River North. I’m looking to live in South Loop if possible. Lots of good looking, new, loft-style places around there built during the bubble and now going for cheap.

I’ve never rented, or lived anywhere outside my parents’ house before. Is it better to go with the real estate agents posting ads on craigslist, or to just go directly with the building/management companies?

Not sure how I’m going to get out there, look at places, and put a deposit down when I have no money. I need a place to live to work there, and I need to work to be able to afford to do that. Catch 22.

Well welcome!!!

Congrats! The curse is broken!

Different people, different strokes, but my experience has been that it was always better to deal with the renter directly as much as possible. This includes agencies which manage the rentals: I count those as “direct.” But real estate agents who just manage things until the contract is signed are just looking to get a commision, they’ll do their best to get you into a place that’s as expensive as possible and which may actually be a lot worse for your needs than a cheaper one (not just for price, but for location, layout or size).

Craiglist has ads from direct renters as well as from “I won’t be here tomorrow” agents.

OK, first, congrats! It’s gonna be a cold move though.

Second, if it’s in River North, that’s good. Lots of public trans runs through there which is important to note because you probably won’t have any place to park.

I’m going to suggest craigslist as a place to start, but caution you to only work with reputable actors in the rental game. My current experience tells me groups like apartment people, apartment savvy, urban lux as well as all the big realty firms are generally ok to deal with.
Use your gut, if it looks shady, if there are misspellings in the ad, pass. is another place that works for rentals as well as our beloved Chicago Reader classifieds. In Chicago, the brokers are paid by the landlord so generally the services are free to you. If someone wants to charge, run away.

Depending on your budget, I’d say take a look at These places

New, nice, close to everything with the promise of much retail space in the same complex.

Finally, This Document is one you’ll want to get to know. It’s the RLTO, Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.

Good luck!