Upcoming job interview - wish me luck!

Yes, this is basically the same position I’ve posted about a couple of times over the past 2 years or so. It has been an INCREDIBLY long and involved process, with each step being WAY more stressful than anyone could dream necessary. But I’ve made it to the finals. Have an interview set up for next week. Over the next 2 weeks they are interviewing approximately 3x as many candidates as they will be hiring. Offers are expected late July/early Aug. Wish me luck! :cool:

Good luck. I’m still waiting, too.

I will call tomorrow to remind the human resources department that my info was passed to them. The person I interviewed with weeks ago called to say there are no openings in here area. This is a place that has a number of separate departments.
I just want a job! I don’t care about the details right now. I will work in ANY of their departments.

Hope it all works for you. Keep us posted.


Is this the one in Boston or the upgrade at your own office in Chicago? Either way, you have more persistence than I ever had in handing in the KSAs over and over again. Best of luck!

Not in my shop but related. A HORRIBLY drawn out process. I’ll shoot you a PM.

Im up for 11 locations, 3 in IL, Milwaukee, Valpo IN, Manhattan, Newark, Wilkes-Barre PA, Richmond VA, and 2 in SC.

Dinsdale and all fellow Dopers looking for jobs: good thoughts, prayers and all appropriate appendages crossed for you.

Good luck sent to all who are looking!

Good luck.

Good luck, Counselor!

Good Luck! We can all use it in the market!

You’ve got my best wishes. Go get them tiger!

Good luck, Dinsdale! I’m sure you’ll do great.

Wow, 2 years is an incredibly long process. A pat on the back just for keeping up with it. You deserve some great things to go your way just for the persistence.

Please keep us posted.

So last night I was cutting up some cardboard and the box cutter slipped. Cut a tendon in my thumb and am going to need surgery. So, you think this huge-ass honking bandage and splint is going to get me their sympathy vote? I guess it detracts from the nice 2" gash I put in my forehead last Sat!

And worst of all, now I need to work up an entirely new opening line. I was going to go with, “What’s got 2 thumbs and is your newest hire?”, but that wouldn’t work now.

gasp How awful! :frowning:

That’s not what I meant by updates. I meant something good. :wink:

I hope you heal quickly. Take good care of yourself.

Interview went really well. And they had cookies! Now I wait. Expect an answer by the end of July or so. Will let you know. Kinda wish I had chosen a different song for the talent portion, tho…

Dins - This isn’t that same job you’ve gone for before, is it? Good luck - they should see your worth by now!


Yeah. Not the one within my office, but the one I applied for twice, and didn’t make it past the first step. The 3d time around I just decided to toss off a POS at the last minute, and for whatever reason, that one made the cut.

This time I think I applied in November. Then I took a test in February. Flew out on my own dime for one interview in March-April. Now this final interview (traveling on their dime this time). Word is they are interviewing 3x as many people as they will be hiring. Supposed to get a call sometime around the end of July-early Aug, at which time I’ll have 24 hrs to accept/refuse. What a crazy system!

So now the main thing I need to do is forget about it and enjoy the summer. :stuck_out_tongue: First up, surgery on my thumb tomorrow morning. If nothing else, I got some tasty cookies out of it!