Job offer advice ?

I am in the tech field as a contractor now. I like my job but I don’t like being a contractor. I have another job offer and I may have a 2nd offer soon. My place is getting ready to hire a bunch of people and they told us some will be hired as perm people (not contractors.)

Is it a good idea for me to say “I have another offer but I will stay if I get a perm job offer”?

I know it’s possible they will say “thanks but no thanks, go ahead and take the other offer”

I can also ask to be moved to perm status without mentioning the other offer.

Absolutely mention the other offer. Then give them the opportunity to counter.

Agreed. I had another offer on the table when I accepted my current job. I told this employer so when they made me an offer. They asked for 24 hours to respond. I agreed. They came back with a better offer and I accepted. It can be very much in your favor to mention that you have another offer on the table.

If you want to stay with your current company, it’s normal to let them know you have another offer but you’d like to stay. What you stay for is negotiable. I wouldn’t let the current employer know before you have an actual other offer though.

Have done the same. Worked as a contractor, liked the place I was but had another offer. Walked in, said “I’m leaving, BUT…” and said I’d stay if they could work out some kind of agreement with my consulting firm to hire me.

They did.

Of course, I did not have another offer in hand as a contractor on my current job, I just went to my manager six months before my contract expired and begged her to hire me. :slight_smile:

And again, they did.

This is more like having multiple offers from new employers than trying to get more money from a current employer by saying you have an offer. So I say do it.