I have asked for and have been granted permission by SDMB administration to post job openings for positions at my company. This ad is listed in the MPSIMS as well.

We are a growing start-up, nearing our 1-year anniversary, looking for professionals to grow with us.

Our medical education and communications company is seeking a part-time, freelance copy-editor/proofreader to review content in pharmaceutical marketing and sales materials. Work activities include review and editing of physician-focused content for spelling, punctuation, and grammar; occasional research and fact checking; and ensuring consistent style and voice within a piece. Candidates must be experienced and familiar with medical terminology, knowledgeable in AMA style, comfortable working in digital formats, able to work under tight timelines, turn around projects quickly, and be available to communicate easily via phone and email. Agency or pharmaceutical experience preferred.

At least one telephone interview will be required of all candidates. Candidates who advance to consideration will be asked to complete a test.

To forward a link to your CV, please send me a PM.

You may wish to indicate where is the company based and whether you accept CVs from people living in another country. Yes, I know you mention AMA, but it’s the kind of job that gets distributed everywhere.

Duly noted. Addendum in post below.

Although we are a New Jersey-based, US company, this is a telecommuting position. We will accept CVs from potential candidates living outside the US.

Hello Ono–sorry to say, I do not know what is a PM other than a prime minister. This job description appears to be something I can do but at my senior citizen age, a CV would be too long and boring. However, I do have a resume which IMHO seems to qualify me. RSVP at your convenience as to the continued need (or not) for this position to be filled. blessings…gsp

PM is “personal message”. Did you realize you’re replying to a 3.5 year old ad?

A PM means a private message. To send Onomatopoeia a PM, click on his username in any one of his posts, then click “Send a private message to Onomatopoeia.”

Be advised this thread was posted almost four years ago, though, and there may no longer be a job available.

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Man, I wish this job was open now, I’d be all over it. Sorry I missed it when it came around! Please let me know if you ever need another one!

Fuck yeah. Sad (: