I Can Proofread Your Written Works

In English, for spelling and grammar and German for spelling, grammar and syntax.

Send me a private message, please and let’s talk cost.



Hmmm, it occurs to me that some of you may be reluctant, because of my bat-shittedness, to take me up on this offer, so how about this: I make a mistake, you owe me zero.

I actually need something to do and was thinking of donating that money to my local humane society. I already do surveys and ad e-mails online, but the ads only pay 2 cents per e-mail and some of the surveys I don’t qualify for, so it takes a little while to amass the $30.00 in order to get paid, and the animals only benefit about once a year.

This also would be another great form of therapy since it would force me to really concentrate.

The only thing I don’t feel comfortable with is translating technical material.

Thanks and keep me in mind.


Shit, where were you when I was shopping my master’s thesis around in April? I gave that copy-editor I found some serious coin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, man. I had volunteered to edit/proofread our Alzheimer’s Georgia Newsletter a couple of nights ago when I had the idea.

Day late, dollar short, that’s me! :slight_smile:



You know what’s a proofreader’s “paradise”?

The e-books on Kindle.

Not only misspelled, but whole words left out as well. :slight_smile: