Jobs for Brits in America.

What kind of Jobs are there that would particularly suit a Brit, or more specifically an Englishman such as myself in America. Give me hope. I want to live in an interesting place, working sensible hours, with interesting people who might apreciate the novelty of working with an Englishman.

I have/can manage a department of people. I am fairly computer competent, know a little ASP,SQL, C++. I can master new systems and make them work for me in new ways.
<hopeful grin>

Come be the IT guy at my university…please. Even if you can’t do anything your accent alone will be worth it and you’re a doper so extra bonus points. No one here has a clue.


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Hmm… Working at a University. Sounds like a worthwhile job to be doing (Even more worthwhile if I had a teaching job).

But I haven’t got an all-round IT knowledge. I guess I could take a ton of courses.

(this is all tongue-in-cheek, of course, but There is a real part of me that wants an interesting job in a foreign English-speaking country that is America)

I would imagine that something where you work directly with customers would be your best bet for getting an advantage in an interview. Working at a hotel, restaurant, tea parlor, etc., you’d seem to add some extra class.

Other than that, I suspect that your nationality would be mostly irrelevant.

Maybe you should try to get you own TV gig in America. Lots of Brits seem to be doing it these days.

I don’t know where you’re thinking of going in America, but I can tell you that in New York (and maybe in LA), there’s a real market for voiceovers with British accents. You probably wouldn’t get consistent, steady work doing that at first. Over time, though, you might be able to develop a set of relationships that would lead to full-time hours doing voiceovers.

We have a Brit doing IT at my station - he’s a riot. Also knows Avid quite well and has had our gum and rubber band systems working better than they have for a long time.

Pick an interesting company and apply. There’s enough jobs to be had (for the moment.)

Soccer coach. Your accent will get you in.

Are you any good as a machinist? I’ll trade with you. I was on the Isle of Man for the TT races this spring and fell in love with the place. Even if y’all drive on the wrong side of the road.

Speaking as a Brit who lives over in the US, I would second the idea of working with lots of people interaction. I work in IT for a small healthcare company on their helpdesk and people are always asking me where I am from. And people I meet are always tickled by my accent.

One route you could take is to fall in love with an American, which I did, and move over and get married (works really well if you are single). Otherwise you will probably have to mess around with all the visas and stuff.

I would really recommend it because I love it here (even though it has just dropped below 95 degrees for the first time in about 5 weeks today :cool: ).

Check out the British Expats Forum too. Lots of useful info and knowledgeable people.

Try doing radio ad spots.

A UK accent is a salable commodity, here.

How about the Land of Oz? They speak English there too. AND they have normal spelling. :smiley: And the Beeb seems to think Australia is making it easier for U.K. people to go there.
And if you go to the States, perhaps I could take up your place on your nice island. Or perhaps a U.S. Doper would like to move to the U.K.

Only joking, but I do often think, when I read about person A desperately trying to get a visa for partner or simply trying to move somewhere, while there is also person B who wants to do the same move only in reverse, that it would be sort of fun if one could emigrate to wherever one wanted, merely first finding someone with whom to change places. That way, there can be no fuss about “No, the country has no room even for one more person” etc. See? All nice and simple. :slight_smile:

“Sensible hours” in the US does not mean 35 hour weeks with 8 - 10 paid weeks off a year for various reasons such as seems to be the norm in England. btw, I am English, so don’t hurt me too badly with your response. But are you ready for 40+ hour weeks with two weeks vacation (plus 10 days or so public holidays) a year?

35 hour weeks and 8-10 weeks’ paid vacation a year? Not in the UK!

I count myself as lucky with 50 hour weeks and 5 weeks’ paid vacation. Not sure who would get 8-10 outside of the public sector.

I didn’t say “vacation”, I said “paid time off for various reasons”. Add in public holidays and sick time and quite a lot of people get to at least 8 weeks.

What about jobs for an Irishman in America?
Other than working on a building site that is, or building railroads. :slight_smile:

No, no, no–I can see that you are the ideal candidate for this dream job:
You can be my butler. I’ve always dreamed of having a real English butler, and now I am that much closer to achieving it.

What’s that? You say you have no experience in domestic service? Small matter–all I need you to do is open the door and state that I am not at home, and answer my phone. There’ll be lots of free time. I hope you don’t mind living in my basement…

(whatever you end up doing–come on over! This place needs more Brits). :slight_smile:

I’m weary of the railway
Poor Paddy works on the railway…

Or produce your own series. I happen to know someone with a buttload of film and video equipment! :wink:

Your basement could probably fit my house in it twice. And I can turn on and off the OCD like a tap, so I like the sound of being a [I prefer the term] valet.

I am a huge fan of Stephen Fry’s portrayal of Jeeves and I am of a similar build to Fry. (Though not as rotund in the midsection, yet)

Yeah I like the idea of controlling your li…er… being your manservant.

I would find it very easy to fall for an American. Many of my various crushes growing up have been on Americans. Britney Spears, Alicia Silverstone, Shannon Miller (The Gymnast), Jennifer Love Hewitt, etcetera.