Jobs that are easy to get?

I don’t care.

Night shift. Chopping wood. Taking photos of dead bodies. Whatever.

I am not my job. I just need some money. I am working on a venture, that is turning out well. But in order to enter the next phases, I need funds.

I’m looking for jobs that would hire anyone. Yes, they exist, I work on one now. No resume, no interview. I just gave them my contact info and they did a background check. Hired!

Again I’m not picky. It doesn’t have to be glamorous or prestigious. I don’t need validation from a job. I have an advanced degree, again I’m working on some cool projects, and I think I am reality TV material if I decide to apply.

Why not do something I went to college or grad school first? Not hirable because of lack of experience and these fields are not holding up well because of the economy. Why not flip burgers, waiting tables, working at starbucks, etc.? I tried applying for those, overqualified/over-educated.

Hit me with your best shot!

what is your degree in?

Logging? Mining? Oil rig? Alaskan fishing boat?

Newspaper delivery. They take anyone, and you basically deliver at night. Pay is low, though.

How much unpleasant human interaction can you handle? Debt collection call centers are ALWAYS hiring, because the average tenure there is somewhere around three months. It’s extremely nasty work in an extremely high pressure environment, but it does pay above minimum wage. If you can’t quite stomach asking people when they’re going to make a payment on their credit card, there are a lot of call center customer service jobs that are not difficult to get into.

(Personally, I couldn’t hack it. I spent nine months on the phones in a relatively relaxed environment and ended up quitting before I got fired. To this day I’m careful to tell all customer service type people that I interact with that they’re doing their job well, since that’s the compliment that meant the most to me at the time. I will gladly stand on a street corner with a “huge clearance now” sign before I’ll answer phones again.)

I’m guessing you want a short term job? I know a logging outfit that will pretty much hire anyone that can work their ass off and who isn’t a drunk or a meth addict, but there is really no reason to train someone who is going to up and leave as soon as their venture turns out.

If they did a background check was it really easy to get.

We have several places here I can think of that all you have to do is show up. You can work as many hours as you want at min wage and overtime is 1.5x it’s warehouse and forklift work. You could easily put in 60-70 hours if you wanted to.

none of those jobs are hire anyone easy to get.

The only one you might get a job at would be fishing on a huge boat as a greenhorn 10th deckhand.

You can lose your life at all those jobs and regulars don’t want greenies working for or with them.

you could always take part in the oldest profession in the world :smiley:

If you can pass a drug test, you can be an over-the-road truck driver in about five weeks. The place I spoke to (back when I was considering it) offered to pay for my CDL training (a 3-week course for around $3000, IIRC) and then take monthly payments out of my paycheck for the next 13 months to pay it back. It’s a job with lots of long hours, and you’ll be away from home for weeks at a time, but I hear the money is good.

Or you could get a job as a deckhand on a river boat (probably easier to get and mostly without the potential for loss of life) – depending on the company, you could work a 28 ON 28 OFF, a 28 ON 14 OFF, a 21 ON 21 OFF, etc. schedule. I’m actually a personnel manager for a riverboat company, I wouldn’t hire you because I don’t want someone temporary, but if you don’t mention that when you apply (and probably leave off your higher education stuff as well) you’ve probably got a good chance.

Supermarket nightstocker. Nobody wants to do it.

Pros: it gets you in the UFCW union. You get an extra dollar an hour for working the 3rd shift. Depending when you choose to sleep, you’ll have every morning or afternoon off to do whatever.

Cons: it’s difficult, physical labor. You have a hard daily deadline, which would be when the store opens. It can be a difficult adjustment going to overnights.

A prep cook or dishwasher.

With no kitchen experience, it’s very doubtful anyone will want to hire you to be a line cook, but you can start off prepping in early mornings (I recommend working at a lunch and dinner only place, so ‘early morning’ is no earlier than 8 AM) and/or dishwashing at nights.

Pay is usually above min. wage (well, federal…if you live in an area with a high state min. wage it might be equal to that.) But starting at $10-$12/hour isn’t unheard of. Yes, it can be mind-numbing (nothing like slicing up 50 lbs of tomatoes! Then moving on to the onions!), but sometimes it’s nice to work a job you don’t have to think about. Just show up and do it.

I was going to say newspaper delivery as well. If you have a valid license, insurance, and something to drive (and maybe no felonies), it’s not a bad gig.
Pay really depends on the routes you get. I make much more hourly (probably twice) than I would at an entry-level job anywhere else. The amount of money you can make is limited more by deadlines and any rules the paper has about how many papers you are allowed to deliver, though. Luckily, you can easily pick up another part-time job during the day.

Around here the easiest, least picky job to get is something called “direct care” in a group home caring for either developmentally disabled or mentally ill patients. Newspapers are filled with these ads even in rural areas. The down side? You’re going to make $8 to $8.50 an hour. They’re also hurting for CNAs in nursing homes, with some facilities actually providing the training needed for certification. For those jobs you can get $10 to $12 an hour, but you’d best have a strong back and a stronger stomach.

There are always openings for turkey catchers or people to work in the brain room at a pork processor or as inseminators at hog farms, too, but I suppose they don’t have those jobs everywhere.

Car sales. It’s 100% commission so they don’t pay you unless you sell. Just about anyone without a serious criminal record can get hired at a dealership.


They helped me get through some tough times when I was between jobs.

I don’t recall exactly what they paid but I think it’s around $15 an hour for internet assessor. You do the work from home on the internet. It’s not a scam, it’s for real. When I worked for them IIRC they required 20 hours a week and wouldn’t allow you to do more than that. I recently saw a claim that they require 10 to 20 hours so maybe they’ve loosened up their requirements.

Check out their work at home opportunities:

I was an internet assessor. You evaluate search engine results to enable search engines to improve the results.

Your college education can actually help in getting it because they’re looking for literate people.

I submitted my resume, took a test, and got hired. At the time I did it you had to use a Firefox browser with some add-ons they provided.

They sent the checks regularly. They hated to see me go when I finally found a decent full time job. They said I was one of their best assessors! That just proves how easy it is.

It was actually interesting a lot of the time although admittedly there were times it was mind numbing.

If you’re okay with starting your own business put up a few fliers offering to babysit or walk dogs. A good, patient adult babysitter is always in demand. My parents live in Vegas. My mom picks up one or two shifts each week as part-time pin money. If you have hotels nearby that work with families ask if they will recommend you.

Around here there are a couple of shipping warehouses for two very well known online retailers. They are always hiring people. No degree, no experience required. Everyone I know that has applied got the job, hated it, and quit after a couple weeks. But if you want a job…

The holidays are peak season for FedEx, UPS, Amazon, etc. They have hubs/warehouses everywhere and are certainly hiring right now. Did a 2-month stint at Amazon once, 55-60 hour weeks, $7-800 per week. I had to pass a drug test and (I assume) background check. No need to hide your educational background. The woman “interviewing” (making sure I wasn’t addicted to meth) me: “Oh, so you have a Bachelors degree in marine science?” Me: “No, it’s actually a Master’s degree…”

Lots of people complained but as far as manual labor goes it wasn’t that bad. If nothing else it got me in terrific shape and REALLY motivated me to apply for more jobs/work on my resume!