Joe Biden is just awesome...

Watching the Ed Show tonight. He showed a clip of him getting flirty with some Republican’s 90yo mother at the swearing in today.

I’m not trying to make any arguments as to what kind of politician he is, I just really dig his character. Especially over this past year.

(Sorry couldn’t find a link to the video.)

Didn’t he also have a “biker chick” flirt session while he was on the campaign trail?

And yeah - he seems like a real character.

I also liked his “take down” of a heckler over his intellect…

Looks to be more than one mother:

He certainly has a knack for this sort of thing.

It’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference between real Joe Biden and Onion caricature Joe Biden, and it’s awesome.

I suspect Mr Biden has discovered that being consistently underestimated is a good thing.

I love Shitkicker Joe.

Absolutely true, I think. He’s the one figure in the Administration who can say whatever needs saying, because the people who would like to take offense just cluck their tongues and shake their heads ruefully. The boss runs him out on purpose to do just that, knowing he can get away with things for which the prez himself would be excoriated.

Speaking of the Vice President, did you know he wrote the Violence Against Women Act, which tea party conservatives stonewalled this week, preventing its reauthorization for the first time in two decades? Whenever someone says that he war on women was ginned up by liberals to scare up votes – dont you believe them.


I still think thisis the best Joe Biden photo.

I love the looks on those guys’ faces.


Joe is the real deal. A politician who genuinely cares about the people and wants to do right by them. I’d love to see him run in 2016, but I’m afraid Hillary will be too much for him. Not that a Hillary presidency would be a bad thing.

I’m not familiar with this incident.

That may be the single best photo, but there are some very good collections.

Joe Biden reminds me of what I remember politicians being like in the Olden Days – people who really enjoy politics and especially, on-the-ground politics. Bill Clinton is another. They enjoy spending time with their constituents – all their constituents – they enjoy giving speeches, they enjoy working out clever compromises, and they are happy warriors who enjoy a fight.

Neither Obama nor Romney nor any of Romney’s Republican rivals appear to be like this. I can’t think of any younger pols like this. Are they out there?

We have friends who retired from Delaware and knew the man pretty well. They’ve said that the guy is pretty much artless, and what you see on national media is how he is in his regular interactions with people. He is wildly popular in his home state, and is (or was, prior to having to have Secret Service around) known for just ambling around town and doing what ordinary citizens do. He’s probably the least pretentious politician in the country.

Sen. Al Franken, IMHO.

I likes this’un.

The obvious implication being that the Violence Against Women Act is both good public policy and a proper exercise of federal power.

Because animus against women is the only conceivable reason to oppose this law.

And let’s not forget that the original version of the law contained provisions struck down by the US Supreme Court in Morrison, those misogynist robed bastards.

Given that it was a 5-4 decision with Rehnquist, O’Connor, Scalia, Kennedy, and Thomas in the majority and Souter, Stevens, Ginsburg, and Breyer in the minority, yes, I would say that at least a good portion of the majority might be described that way. (“Misogynist” might be a bit strong…but perhaps “insensitive” would not be.)

And, at any rate, since those provisions were struck down by the Court, the version of the VAWA that the tea partiers stonewalled presumably did not contain them, so your whole argument is sort of a red herring anyway?

As I demonstrated two years ago the 5-4 bias on SCOTUS is very striking – so striking that nicknaming SCOTUS “The Five Misogynists” really isn’t too unreasonable.

Bricker tried to rebut that two-year-ago post. Read his responses there to see if I was correct to conclude, as I then did, that most of his posts translate to Gobbledy-Gook.

I think Joe might be in for a nasty surprise.(NSFW link): url=