Joe Camel still lives?

On this pipe tobacco site
the tin lids display a number of cartoonish characters smoking pipes.

Camel cigarettes were made to ditch Joe Camel because they were argueably pitched to youngsters to get them to start smoking.

Can the same arguement be applied here?

For example:

The reason I don’t think many people would raise a stink about this is becuase no one who would raise a stink about it is going to see it. Camel Joe was around during an era when it was commonplace to see him on a billboard or to see the Marlboro Man on the back of a magazine riding his horse into Flavor Country etc… They had ALOT more exposure then tabacco products do now. That, and I don’t think this brand is anywhere near as mainstream as the other brands, AND I don’t think pipe tobacco has ever really been accused of trying to get kids started on smoking. Of course if the precedent has been set, it won’t take much to force them to get rid of it. In fact, I believe I just heard a story about a wine company that was using santa (in a slightly dirty way IIRC) and some other cartoon characters and had to change the name/picture.

Maybe you’re right.

I mean, what child is going to want to start smoking pipes?

(cough…Lord of the Rings…cough)