Joe Morello, jazz drummer - farewell and rest in peace.

I just read that Joe Morello, most famous as the drummer with the Dave Brubeck Quartet on the classic “Time Out” recording (which, of course, featured “Take Five”.) has passed away at the age of 82. NPR article at this link.

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the many years of inspiration - may your memory be ever fresh, and may the light shine on you…

I just put on “Unsquare Dance” in honor of Joe.

Another version of the solo from Take Five - wow!


Hmm - any relation to blues drummer, Jimmy Morello?

A couple of my favourites - Sounds of the Loop.
And a drumming exercise from his instructional video.

Dammit; we’re one down now and everyone knows the world never has enough jazz drummers as it is.

RIP Joe and thanks.

Oh FUCK! I’ve idolized Morello since the 60s, when Take Five first hit the airwaves. The man was a percussion genius; listening to Castillian Drums on the old Carnegie Hall album proved to me that there would never be anybody else in his class. . .ever. In fact, the only drummer prior to him that was close was Louis Bellson, who I’m pretty sure must have been a model for Morello’s style. A listen to the tune Skin Deep (Bellson playing with Ellington) reveals some of Morello’s future riffs. Even after he went blind, Joe continued to teach and play. That leaves Eugene Wright and Dave Brubeck as the surviving members of that amazing quartet, and they’re both hitting their ninth decades. This news really bothers me, and I mourn his loss. Son of a bitch. :frowning:

This clip from one of his Take Five solos demonstrates his incredible stick control and the use of his hands instead of sticks to great effect. The sound he got from a five-piece set was amazing.

The New York Times somehow missed his passing. I sent an email to a friend of mine who works there, who said he would bring it to their attention.

Chefguy, by any chance, were you in university in the early 60s, when the Dave Brubeck Quartet toured campuses on a yearly basis? Just curious, and envious…

I saw the DBQ in concert at Vanderbilt in 1960. Great show. Joe was my favorite drummer of them all. Sad news. Dave keeps on trucking, though.

I was in college in Fairbanks in the mid 60s, but Brubeck didn’t come there. I really regret not making a point of seeing one of their concerts when the quartet was together, but it was good to see Dave in Moscow (and actually chat with him for a bit), since I’m doubting he’s able to tour anymore. He’s a very laid back guy and always willing to talk to people. His group played at the ambassador’s house in Moscow after the summit was over. Reagan came out and made an unintelligible little speech after Brubeck played, and everybody but me rushed over to try to meet the president. I saw Dave heading out the back door for a smoke and followed him out. We had a nice conversation on the lawn. Later, I was talking to an embassy employee who told me that he and she sat on her stoop the night before and talked for a couple of hours. Talk about envious!

From the JazzFM website -

Just seeing this thread - wow, what a talent; I will put on Take Five when I get home to remember him…

I see that my friend got the obit put up on the NYT site.