Joe Pera Talks With You

Anyone watch Joe Pera Talks With You on Adult Swim?

Good news, you can watch it all for free right now. All 9 episodes in 99 minutes! I’ll wait…

Oh, you need a summary? It’s a very droll show, centered around a guy who is in his 30s who talks and moves slowly like an old man (he’s not portraying an old man). He’s a middle school choir teacher in Marquette, MI. Each show starts with a stated premise (“Joe Pera Shows You Iron”, “Joe Pera Takes You On a Fall Drive”) but the topics devolve and slip away as Joe’s mind wanders or life happens around him. It would definitely be boring if Joe just showed you all of the best rocks in Marquette but while he’s showing you the rocks, a family stops by to look at his house which they believe is for sale because some neighborhood kids planted a “For Sale” sign in his yard as a prank.

Instead of just devolving into madcap silliness, like maybe you’d see on a Tim & Eric show or John Kroll, the same even tone is carried throughout each episode. They’re delightfully sweet and relaxing, thanks to Pera’s pacing, and his reactions to what is going on around him.

Anyone else catch this show? What do you think?

I saw it awhile back. It’s sweet and innocuous.

I can see the appeal, especially these days. It’s unique.

Not interested in it myself though.

I love this show. Nothing else like it, really.

I’ve watched a few. Puts the capital “A” in Awkward. But better than Harvey Birdman.

Everyone to their own taste–I love Harvey Birdman AAL, too.

And of course Boosh and The Hitcher, as well! (You’ve kept this pic for more than one day!)

I enjoyed it a lot. An amusing and very nice little show, short and very easy to watch.

Loved the episode where he discovers the song “Baba O’Riley” and has to let everybody know about it. Too funny!

Yes! That is one of the silliest episodes of tv I’ve seen this year!

He’s coming to our town to do a night of stand up this month! It sold out fast, but we go tickets. YAY US!

I hope you learn a lot about the rocks of the Upper Peninsula! He’s a real rock hound.

You know that there is a new, special Harvey Birdman: Attorney General coming out Sunday 10/14 at midnight?

My God! Set the alert level to Moving Pictures!

Anyone ever watch Jon Eats Carrots on YouTube? Many years ago I watched several episodes, expecting a return for my investment. Nope, just carrot eating.