Joe Schmo 2 - Season Finale Tonight @ 9PM

I haven’t seen a Joe Schmo thread in a couple of weeks; don’t know if people are still interested. Anyway, the two-hour season finale airs tonight at 9 PM. At this point, I think that the overarching storyline is perfectly predictable:

Austin and Piper will choose to reconcile with each other.

However, the real beauty of the show is watching all the whacked-out events swirl around the unsuspecting schmoes. So far we’ve seen:
[li]giving the girls pearl necklaces[/li][li]lighting men’s wicks[/li][li]a hawk with poor navigation skills playing a falcon[/li][li]a psycho contestant with a pet frog[/li][li]the “falcon” apparently eating said pet frog[/li][li]said psycho contestant apparently enacting his revenge on the “falcon”[/li][li]Porked and Beans[/li][li]the Dance-Off (you’ve been served!)[/li][/ul]
What sort of craziness will happen tonight?

Beat you by 10 minutes!

So, what happened? I won’t get to see it until tomorrow (Gr8Kat taped it for me since I don’t have a Tv) but I’ve never been averse to spoilers so spill it.

Was there a twist ending? I’m somewhat expecting the schmos to really be us, not Tim and whatshername, the one that replaced Ingrid, as some of the dialog in the last couple episodes seemed to hint at it.

I hope not though… Tim was such a passive-agressive poseur that I hope it was all for real and he’s deathly embarassed by being had. Whatshername is cute and friendly though, so I hope she took it in stride if my suspicions prove wrong.

For the first time, I called it perfectly! Too bad it was a fake reality show.

The best moment was when, before revealing that it was all fake, they brought all the previous “contestants” out. Amanda immediately recognizes one of the actors as a comedian from LA.

I know Munch is subscribed to this thread, and spoilers show up in the email notifications, so I’ll refrain from posting a summary until I can confirm that he did indeed get to see the show (since he posted a rather plaintive notice that he might miss the show) or that he has unsubscribed from the thread.

Aesiron, maybe you could help Munch out by sending him your tape when you’re done with it.

I posted to the other thread offering the tape.

Glad to know my suspicions were unfounded… that would have annoyed me even though I would have been right. Without spoiling anything for Munch, did what I hoped happen occur at the end?

No twist ending aside from what’s already in the predicatable script. After the initial shock wore off (and the instant of revelation was hilarious), I thought Tim (and Amanda) were quite cool about the whole thing. But then again, I have a different opinion of Tim than you.

Out of curiosity, what’s your opinion of him? And anyone else that posts to the thread? Am I alone in really disliking him?

I regard Tim as being much like Matt from season one. There’s all this whackiness going on, frogs being eaten, falcons being slaughtered, psychos sending planes overhead; the best he can do is go with the flow and possibly win the girl and the money.

I always suspected that Tim was sort of a turd, and I think he revealed that turdiness right off the bat, until he caught himself, realized he was on TV as the butt of the joke, and tried to save face and put on a gracious good sport face. The switch from his “Nice job, fella!” snark at Bryce to his “Oh shit” face as hands began to risae up all around him was pure TV gold, and nowhere near the innocent incredulous reaction they got from Matt. During the first one, we were always saying “Wow, what a really nice guy!” whenever Mat was, in fact, a nice guy. Mr. singular and I haven’t said that once this whole season.
Amanda, on the other hand, is absolutely adorable - kinda reminds me of Colleen from the first Survivor. The little hand over the mouth gesture is cute, too - but the little sweetie shouldn’t hide that lovely smile.
And now, to the begging part-
MY PVR HOSED UP!!! The only reason I caught the last 40 minutes is that I was (uncharacteristically) in front of the TV and realized it was on and not recording! [Florida]Damn, damn, DAMN! [/Florida] Anybody know if this is going to be rebroadcast? My PVR (Dish network’s TiVo) says no, but I’m trying not to believe it. I gotta see the first part of this show! If it’s not on again, can any Doper help me out? I’d be delighted to pay all shipping for a tape of it. Help!

I never followed the show, but I’m curious - what happened to Ingrid? Did she catch on or something?

Yes, Ingrid caught on about 3 or 4 episodes in. She had made comments about ‘being on the Truman Show’. When she learned of Cammy being in ‘Porked and Beans’ she had a very strong feeling the whole thing was fake.

During an eviction ceremony with just the woman present, the gig was revealed to her (in a most outstanding way) and she was given the choice of either leaving or staying on and playing along, getting $100,000 in the process. This was when they brought on the oh-so-adorable Amanda.

Okay, all I missed was the first hour.

Fantastic! Of course, I still need to catch the first hour (it doesn’t look like Spike has it scheduled in the next 2 weeks, unfortunately).

Re: Tim
I know a lot of people were down on him the first couple of episodes, as he did come across very fratboy-ish. But ultimately, I think he’s a solid guy, who adapted well to extremely bizarre surroundings. My of him impression changed for the better. If he really were a jackass, I think that would have most definitely come across in other people’s reactions to him. Piper’s emotional confession at the end certainly is a better testimony than any reality show editing portrayal.

Munch, you didn’t miss much. The first half-hour was taken up by clips. I forget what was in the next half-hour.

I really don’t understand all this Tim-hate. Sure, he’s no Matt, but then again the situations the producers thrust upon him were much different. I really couldn’t form an opinion of him from the first few episodes since he got so little screen time, but that’s because they focused more time on Ingrid.

I only saw about an episode and a half, but I’m curious- do they ever use the names of the Spike executives on camera? I interned for Viacom in the summer of 2001, during that brief period where what used to be TNN became The National Network and the Spike TV idea was in the works but not public yet. Anyway, I recognized one or two of the execs, so I’m wondering if anybody I worked with is famous now. :wink:

As I said in my own post, he was passive-aggressive and a poseur. There were a few times that he actually said what he thought to the actors but most of the time, he was friendly with them to their faces and making cracks about them on camera. That could very well be how other reality shows are (I wouldn’t know… this is the only one aside from Tough Enough that I’ve seen) but it doesn’t lessen the fact that he was a two-faced snarky bitch. People like that annoy me and the schadenfreude I got from knowing this would eventually prove him to be an idiot was my major reason for watching.

Same for the posing. His transparent attempts at being TJ’s friends were laughable. I honestly was embarassed and squirmed in my seat every time he tried to play his buddy with unintentionally hilarious results. He’s an obvious sycophant.

Amanda, on the other hand, just seemed like a normal, sweet girl that got in over her head and none of her comments ever seemed like they had any snark behind them. They were just honest observations or her feelings on the topic and not some way to build herself up to the audience. And I love her for it.

Ingrid I have no real opinion on other than a slight dislike for no real reason. Personality difference, I guess.

By the way, Munch, I got your email and replied. Tape should go out by USPS sometime this afternoon.

Wow, that’s awesome. Everyone give **Aesiron ** a hand. That’s why we pay $14.99 a year.

Okay, I just finished my tape a few minutes ago and I really liked it although it seemed to drag on forever there at the end. The payoff of the joke was great and I absolutely loved the look on Tim’s face as he realized the joke was on him after he tried to get in one last little jab only to have it turned around on him.

I love Amanda. She really is sweet and when one of the cast members said that her eyes and smile light up any room she’s in, they were right. Couldn’t’ve put it better myself.

And the tapes all packaged, I just need to drop it off at the post office. You should have it by Saturday, Munch.

Sorry for the double post but it’s in the mail. Hope you enjoy.