Joe Schmo Predictions And Wrap Up.

Yep, I’m starting the thread now.

First, let me say that I am truly disappointed that we have to wait 2 friggin’ weeks for the finale. Apparently, the Spike awards are taking up next Tuesday’s prime time. Piss poor planning by Spike. But I’m sure we are going to be inundated with reruns until then.

I think that this was a great idea for a show. I think that they pulled it off relatively well. Atleast, it was on par with all of the other reality shows. So I think the producers accomplished their goal.

I think Spike, the network, wasn’t so sure that this would succeed as much as it has, so they hedged their bets and didn’t put as much into it as they should have. I think the show had a pretty short run. They only started out with nine contestants, which is to say that there will ever only be eight episodes. The prize is only 100,000.00, as opposed to 1 million, and cars and trips galore, taking place in an exotic location, etc.

It is pretty evident that Spike realized their mistake early on. When the show just took right off they started running two hours of Joe Schmo a week, showing last weeks episode along with the new episode.

It’s a shame, because, this is a premise that you can only do once. Hind sight is always 20/20, but Spike lost a bundle by not investing more into this show.

But I’m sure that we will start to see ads for the Joe Schmo DVD boxed set with all of the cut scenes and extras.

At the end of last episode, after the credits, we see an outside picture of the house. There are some loud and rapid popping noises coming from inside the house. Balloons? Firecrackers? Earl’s M16? We immediately hear Matt scream, in a very high voice, “What the hell is going on?” I laughed my ass off.

My predictions:

  1. Brian will get the last vote, making it a three way tie.
  2. They will go back and count the votes from all of the last voting ceremonies, and find that the least amount of votes went to Matt, so Matt won.
  3. All Hell immediately breaks loose. I’m talking pure chaotic armageddon. They will stretch it out as long as possible, but when they finally announce that Matt won, before he can even process the victory, walls of the house will fall down, people will come running out of everywhere, streamers, firecrackers, balloons. Hugging, kissing, crying.
  4. As soon as things calm down, the actors will start calling each other by their real names. They will start BSing with the producers as if they are old friends. We’re going to see scenes of Matt’s face (and eyes) trying to process this. He’s going to figure it out, eventually, and ask them about each little aspect of the show: “Molly, your boyfriend was fake?” “Hutch, you’re not an asshole?” “Kip, you’re not gay?”
  5. Matt will be somewhat offended, but everything will end up a-okay, and Matt will walk away with 100,000.00.
  6. The last half hour of the show will be some behind the scenes and after the show footage.

I live in Pittsburgh. I grew up in a suburb south of Pittsburgh, right next to Mt. Lebanon, where the pizzaria that he works at, Bado’s, is located. Not to be confused with Beto’s Pizza, which is only a mile away - they truly have the best pizza in the region. Danny’s in South Park has the best hoagies - but I digress. When I was in high school, we used to go to Bado’s kind of frequently - atleast once a month. It’s a great establishment. Nice and classy. One of those upper scale pizza places.

The last time I was there, though, was three years ago.

Every Tuesday night, during the show, they have Joe Schmo night. You cannot get anywhere close to the place. It is packed. Cars are everywhere, people in the street. The show is on all of the TVs. It’s a sight to see.

I think that Hutch will win (Dr. Pat will vote for him because she has a thing for him). And Matt will freak out. Then during the chaos they let stuff slip that he starts to figure out that it’s all been a scam.

Dr. Pat is going to vote for Bryan, saying that she can’t choose between Matt and Hutch. Hutch will go ballistic, tearing shit up.

Earl is going to snap.

The host will start making out with Molly. Molly’s boyfriend will show up.

The TV execs come down, start chewing out the host. Host punches exec.

Plot is revealed, Matt’s brain explodes (that’s the noise we heard :wink: ), Matt goes home with the big money.

That’s awesome! I always wondered where Matt worked, and which law school he dropped out of to work there. I’m guessing Duquesne?

It’s so funny–he’s such a yinzer, but one of the good ones. To me, he’s totally a guy you’d meet in a bar on the South Side, with one eye on you and one eye on the Stillers game the whole time. I really thought he was a tool when this all started, but he’s growing on me.

No matter which way the vote goes, they will all be totally on-edge in anticipation and they let Matt in on the gag.

The actors and crew all start to go nuts, crying, laughing, etc. But Matt will be oddly calm until he suddenly peels his face off, revealing an alien being from deep space.

“HA!” he shouts in triumphant glee. “The joke was on you pathetic humans! Now I shall take the women, slay the smarmy host, and wear the Immunity Robe to my corronation as the ruler of Earth!!”

That is how it’s going to end. Just you wait.

I’m not sure, but I think the “what the Hell is going on here” is from an earlier episode. They just used the sound bite (byte?)again for the coming attraction.

Am I the only that still thinks Matt’s totally in on it and that’s the last twist?

Sat, I was in the “Matt’s in on it” camp, but no longer. It just wouldn’t be necessary. And it wouldn’t make a “complete and total chaos at the end” very entertaining.

I like Munch’s idea. Everything goes over the top, again, all at once. Matt is caught in the middle of a tempest without any relief. The plot is revealed to him.

I really don’t know which law school he dropped out of. If it was in Pittsburgh, chances are that it was Pitt. I would have to go back and find the cite, but Pitt’s law program has ranked in the top ten for the past few years.

Which part of Pittsburgh are you from? Wanna meet down at Bado’s?

I think the last vote will go to Matt, largely because Dr. Pat said, “I voted for the person I thought was the most real of all of us.” I just don’t know what’ll happen after that.

So I haven’t watched this show, but am curious to see the finale. When’s it on?

The finale is on Spike TV, Tuesday, October 28th, at 9 PM, Eastern Time.


Conclusion is tonight. Happy, this channel is fairly renowned for their multiple airings. There are only about 6-7 episodes, IIRC, so it shouldn’t take long. I think the punchline without the setup might be pretty lame. Actually, here’s a (somewhat strange) schedule for Joe Schmo.

And I’m glad I checked in here, I would have thought the finale was tonight. There showing the GQ Awards instead.

The first part of the 2-part conclusion is a repeat tonight, that is. They left it at a cliffhanger, during the “final vote”.

The call here: Obviously “Dr. Pat’s” vote has to make it a 3-way tie. Next, “Smarmy Host” Ralph will explain a tiebreaker - each “contestant” will explain who of the other 2 would be more deserving, and that becomes the “real” vote for the winner. Matt and Brian will choose each other, leaving it up to “Hutch, the asshole” to pick the winner. If he doesn’t break down giggling first, he’ll name Matt, and then will come the surprise party. With Matt feeling happy about the win and the money, the revelation that they’d been fooling him the whole time should go down pretty smoothly. Matt’s vote will have to come first so Brian and “Hutch” can react in case he picks Hutch to win, for some reason.

I’m not buying the “Matt is in on it” theory, or they wouldn’t have had to stage the confrontation with the show’s lawyer during the eat-something-gross contest. Only “ins” would have been in the room at the time. If that had been staged for the audience, I just don’t think Matt is a good enough actor to have pulled it off.

Anybody know how long the “Lap of Luxury” taping took in real time? Had to be less than 2 weeks.

Elvis, I want to say that Matt mentioned to someone on the jury that “this week” has been amazing, leading me to believe that real time taping was less than 10 days.

Why? They came up with a way to do “Joe Millionaire” twice; they can put together another fake reality show. I haven’t been watching JS from the beginning and haven’t gotten into the repeats. I’ve watched bits and pieces here and there but didn’t find it too terribly engaging as executed. I did tune in for the second half of the last ep thinking it was the conclusion and may tune in for the actual conclusion out of curiosity.

I have no predictions.

i think it could EASILY be re-done, because it doesn’t have to be “Lap of Luxury”, it could be anything.

They will definitely re-do it, you can bet on that. I just hope they get better actors this time.