No Joe Shmo fans? I want to date Matt..

I can’t possibly be the only one watching this show! I think the idea is priceless, but the execution could stand improvement.

IN any case, I love Matt. Could a sweeter guy exist? This guy is a PRINCE. What a doll. I hope they give him the $100,000 and every single prize they ever talked about, and then some. The guy is the single sweetest person to ever be on any version of a reality show that I’ve ever seen.

May he never have to go back to his sorry existence, working for the man…

I’m hooked on the show too, though I agree the execution could’ve been better. The acting was dismal until recently (and it’s still spotty). For the first few weeks, Ashleigh was being too sweet for someone who’s supposed to be playing “the rich bitch”. She’s been more in character lately, though. She was fantastic tonight when she was mocking Hutch for working in a mall.

I think Matt will get $100,000 simply because he signed a contract for a chance to win that amount, so since the show is rigged, they kinda owe it to him. He really is a heck of a nice guy, but can you imagine if a real dick had been chosen instead?

I’ve been watching it religiously, and was a bit steamed last night when I found out that I have to wait TWO WEEKS for the finale!

I also predict that Matt will lose (to Hutch), but will still be awarded $100,000 for playing along in an attempt to soothe his inevitable hurt.

(Unless he’s really in on it, as some have predicted–but I doubt it.)

We have to wait two more weeks? Why not next week? Also, I missed last week. How did Hutch get back on the show? Did they pull some sort of double whammy because of the pillow fight?

There’s going to be some serious shit going down next week. I’ll predict that Dr. Pat votes for Bryan, since she can’t decide between Hutch and Matt. 3 way tie. All hell breaks loose, Hutch attacks Dr. Pat for not voting for him, the host “consoles” the blonde (Amber? Robin?), the TV exec fires the host for sleeping with a contestant, ex-military guy snaps and holds people hostage, Hutch craps all over the place, Kip declares his love for Matt, etc.

It’s going to be a blast!

Well, I wouldn’t date him, but he is a cool guy I could picture hanging at the bar with.

My wife and I have been watching this since the first episode - which we caught quite accidentaly. It’s pretty amusing, I have to say that. It is the one and only reality show I have taken the time to watch for any reason besides, “I’m hung over on a Sunday afternoon and watching hot chicks get drunk is all I can handle right now.”

I just started watching last week. This has go to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in years!

I think the cheese-factor is part of the charm. How these folks can act so over-the-top stupid, and this dude buys into it all. -And the way they include all the stupid bits from all the real reality shows to make one ultra-stupid bit (I nearly choked I laughed so hard when I heard of the ‘immunity robe’) Priceless!

I predict a tie, too. It’s going to be fun watching the reveal.

It’s my favorite show. But I wouldn’t want to date Matt. He’s a little too sexist for me.

I think what makes this show so great, in addition to it being the funniest thing on television, is that everyone on it seems so genuinely nice. It’s one thing to watch a real bitch or asshole on a reality show, and another thing entirely to watch actors playing the bitch or the asshole, all the while worrying about whether they’re going to hurt the poor schmoe.

For a really fun message board discussion of this show, check out the fans of reality t.v. Joe Schmoe thread. In addition to a lot of fun fans, Brian (ekb), Hutch (the hutchman), Kip (ldk), Molly (mad01), and one of the executive producers (Muggum) have all posted there.

Also, one of the posters drew these amazing caricatures of all the participants.

I can’t believe we have to wait two weeks for the finale. SpikeTV had previously committed to airing the GQ Awards on October 21, so the 2-hour Joe Schmoe finale will air on October 28.

My favorite part of that show is how they boot people off. I fell out of my chair laughing the first time they said “you’re dead to us” and threw the plate in the fire. Oh, man. It’s not enough to break the plate, they have to throw it in the fire too. Brilliant.

I’m addicted too.

I agree that Matt is the sweetest guy in the world but I disagree that he’s sexist. What makes you think that?

I hate reality shows, for the most part. I will indulge in a little real world or osborne’s once in a while, but that’s about it.

I think the rumors that he’s ‘in on it’ are crap. He’s a genuine guy and he makes mistakes. I thought the teaser last night was hilarious… what sounded like popping champagne corks (gunshots) and yelling and “WHAT IS GOING ON!?”

I was disappointed that before each “Riches to Rags eviction ceremony” they showed next week’s teaser and you could tell from that who was ‘evicted’, that Hutch came back, etc. Hutch came back, btw, because of some loophole in the contract… shady, but Matt bought it.

I think he’s a big teddy bear–I’d date him! I hadn’t really noticed that he was sexist at all.

Actually, I couldn’t stand him in the first episode and thought he was a big schlub. I did feel sorry for him doing the underwear dance and thinking it was real. At first, it seemed like the whole show was going to be watching this guy make a fool of himself. But he’s grown on me and has definitely presented himself well.

I think where the sexist comment is coming from is when he just assumed those two girls wouldn’t have a problem going topless and?or smooching each other to save his heiny. Just my opinion.

I saw that, and that’s not what happened at all. He told the “network executive” that he didn’t think the women would go for being topless at all, and then ran everything by them, telling them that it was totally up to them.

Personally, I would have just told the exec “Then we’re not getting your lousy TVs”, but other people don’t see this subject my way.

I just watched two episodes last night. I adore him. He’s just so sweet! Although, my favorite is the guy who plays Hutch. Mmmmm…redheads…

Maybe I zoned out and heard it wrong but IIRC he told the the network man as soon as the topless situation was made that he didn’t think that would be a problem at all and got up right then to go ask them about it. I agree that he did not force them but to me it seemed like he changed his tone when he actually got downstairs and told the girls about it.
I don’t think he’s a jerk or anything, but he does seem just a little sexist.

Earl’s question to the three finalists cracked me up:

“Two parts. Part A… if you were wounded, captured by the enemy, locked up, starved, beaten, tortured, sexually abused, made to eat dog feces, and interrogated… would you give up information to your captors?
Part B… what was your favorite game here in the house?”

They just SO totally fail to go together… it’s funny!

Yeah, I might be wrong. Is it sexist to assume that it would be worth it to ask them, that they’ll probably do it?

Maybe the mods should add a spoiler warning to the subject line, since this thread is full of them. I’ve seen all the episodes but I’m sure there are people who haven’t and they are rerunning all of them.

I agree that this is a great show. But I think they nearly blew it with the canine feces - network exec bit. It was just way too over the top and Matt didn’t buy it. After his statement about it in the most recent episode (something like “I’m not even sure what is or isn’t real anymore”) I’m wondering just how much he suspects.

More than once I’ve noticed an odd questioning “that doesn’t make any sense” type of look momentarily pass over his face. Am I the only one who’s noticed this?

There is a rumor going around that Matt is, in fact, in on the whole thing. I doubt this, but here’s an interesting scenario:
Suppose that, partway through the game, he caught on, or maybe one of the actors blatantly blew the whole thing. The network has time and money invested in the thing. Wouldn’t they edit around it and just pay him off to go along with it the rest of the way? Why did they suddenly speed things up towards the end?

Another related thought. Why would they take a chance on this concept to begin with? Can you imagine how difficult it would be for an actor to maintain their guise constantly in a real life situation (no second chances, no retakes) without even cracking an inappropriate smile? The whole thing could have blown up in their faces at any time. They would have had to pay off the 100 grand and not had anything to show for their investment. Maybe the whole thing’s fake, and Matt is just another actor, but they’ll never tell us! That doesn’t seem believable to me for various reasons but still the whole thing seems kind of fishy to me. I want to believe that it’s real, and it probably is, but still…