Joe Sprinz

In this classic column on Joe Sprinz, Cecil cited the Guinness World Records book as saying that ol’ Joe caught the ball, albeit with his teeth.

The first two Web sources I found after a Google search state that he missed the ball and that the stunt was thereafter dubbed “The greatest catch that was never made.”

(The online Guinness World Records didn’t have an entry on ol’ Joe.)

I wonder what really happened on that summer day in 1939 …

On an amost unrelated topic, why dig Slug draw a fish taking a pic? Did he suspect that it was all a “one that got away” story?

Ten-yard penalty for an illegal hijack, sford. :smiley:

Perhaps it was the term “Highest Catch” which prompted the fish to take a picture. I’d be pretty excited, myself, seeing as how whenever I type in the words “highest catch” on Google I get a lot of hits about fish. That is, I would be excited… IF I were a fish.

I’m sorry, the above post was meant for sford, not Spiff. First post and already I’m comitting the sin of faux pas… sigh

I got curious and started Googling too. In short order I found this:

There were quite a lot of hits, but of the five or so I checked that’s the only one that made any reference to this stunt. “Hits him in the face” makes it sound more like an accident to me, though.

jackelope, I think it certainly was an accident. I assume he meant to catch it with his glove. Cecil’s joke about catching it with his teeth wasn’t supposed to imply that he intended to do so.

Spiff, I said it was almost unrelated! That only earns me a slap on the back of the hand. Preferably with Lady Jinxx’s fake paw.