John Hinckley getting unsupervised visits has caused you to go crazy

Maybe it’s just me, but some of the comments I read on this one board seem to suggest that letting him visit his parents will allow for him to try and kill another President.

Yes… seriously. The exact quote was “This is insane. What’s this judge going to do if he shoots another President? Lord that’s why I am for the death penalty”


first off, I’d imagine that when it comes to the process of getting Hinckley to his parent’s house, he will get a ride over there and a ride back. It’s not like Hinckley was released to go out and do whatever he wants.

(then again, that wouldn’t work in the ‘Clinton has a judge who released Hinckley to shoot Bush’ theory)

For the love of god, John Hinckley may be a crazy fuck, but he isn’t going to try that ‘shooting the President’ shit again. Get a god damn grip here.

That’s not all. On every one of his previous excursions off the St. Elizabeth’s campus (the institution where he’s been living for the past 20+ years), and there have been over 200 such trips, even though he’s been accompanied by St. E’s staff every time, the Secret Service has also had him under surveillance. There’s no reason to think that the Secret Service will now start ignoring him. His visits may be “unsupervised,” but they’re not likely to be “unobserved.”

Geez, you shoot one president and they never let you forget it.

Did anyone ever read Eliot Asinof’s The Fox is Crazy Too? Is it really about faking insanity, or is it another of Asinof’s baseball books?

The place is called St. Elizebeths (no apostrophe), I learned that in an internet article. The article stated clearly, "St. Elizebths (no apostrophe), like anyone gives a shit. Oh well.

Now, who is St. Elizebeths?

Has anbody the last 20 years explained to John that Jodie is a lesbian? Maybe if they did, the misunderstanding can be finally cleared up once and for all.


She is? I had no idea. :rolleyes:

Haven’t heard that one, but the ties between the Hinckley and Bush families is no theory. Far more plausible is that Bush had Hinckley released as a favor to old family friends and longtime political supporters of his father.

That’s just a vicious rumor spread by women she’s slept with.


Originally posted by E.T. Bass
Has anbody the last 20 years explained to John that Jodie is a lesbian?

Ahhhhhh…that would explain her lack of interest she displayed to Dr. Lechter when he was making suggestions about her boss…

Neither did I. Her preganacies were either artificially inseminated or just cover stories, then?

I think the reason why people are so upset about this decision (ha ha) on the judge’s part is because they are afraid that granting Hinckley this liberty may lead to others. It seems highly impossible to watch someone all of the time, and nutty people are known to have a high rate of repeat crime. Brady is still a walking vegetable and it is a slap in the face to those who are still suffering because of this creep to allow him any sort of special treatment. It sends a really bad message…one that just confirms my belief that we are a nation of wussies and the laughing stock of the world.

Let’s not forget that Hinckley was found not guilty. That means the he is, in fact, NOT GUILTY of any crime. The state has the obligation to show a compelling reason why he should not be permitted to visti his parents. Every medical expert has said that Hunckley is no longer a danger to himself or anyone else.

So what’s the problem? Why punish a guy who is not a threat and has not been convicted of any crime?

I thought invading Iraq was supposed to dispel that image. Oh well, on to Syria.

BTW, I’m not sure if 20 years in a mental hospital and then getting unsupervised visits with your Mom qualifies as “special treatment”.

I think some Reagan-philes are just worried Hinckley’s gonna finish the deed. After all, that might turn Ms. Foster to the straight and narrow. (no, i don’t think she’s a lesbian, but i really don’t freakin’ care)

Why are we a “nation of wussies”? Because we don’t slap the crazy people in leg irons? Because when we put someone in a mental hospital we actually try to treat him instead of just tossing him some gruel twice a day? Geez, you’d think that after invading Iraq we’d be secure about the size of the national penis, but I guess we’ll never stop needing to whip it out to the rest of the world to prove to ourselves we’re not a “laughing stock”.

I am not aware of any “special treatment” in this case, and if there is any evidence of such, someone please educate me with a cite. It seems like a no brainer: he’s been subject to non-stop medical treatment for 20 years, and maybe, just maybe he’s a little better now and could use some fresh air. I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes the medical profession does know what it’s doing.

Hinckley’s going to get tailed around by the SS anyway. There is no possibility that he’s going to shoot any presidents. That’s a red herring. People just don’t like the idea of the guy who shot Reagan being able to get out of stir. That fact that he was found not guilty does not seem to register with some folks.

Was he found not guilty by reason of insanity? I don’t really remember but if he was, that might be why people are having a problem with this.

If Hinckley had attempted to murder some average joe instead of the President of the United States, he probably would have received these unsupervised visits, if not more, ten years ago. So there’s really no special treatment here. If anything, I’m sure mental health professionals are being extra cautious because this is such a high-profile case.

Yes, he was found NGI. Maybe some people don’t like that verdict but it is what it is. There is no compelling legal argument to prevent him from visiting his parents.


I don’t think it’s the verdict per se, it’s that they feel he’s no longer insane or at least getting to that point.