You took a violent killer to the fair? Are you insane?


Why the hell are you taking insane killers to the fair?

Oh but it gets better. See this wasn’t the only recent escape.

See that isn’t even the best part. It gets even better!

So they let a confirmed paranoid schizophrenic go out of the mental intuition to go to the county fair. YOU FOOLS!

This place has to be worse than Arkham Asylum. As far as I know they never took the Joker on field trips.

Well he really wanted a fucking funnel cake. What was I supposed to do?

Yeah. I lean strongly towards humane treatment of prisoners, rehabilitation over punishment, etc., but this has nothing to do with any of that. When I read this story on CNN, all I could think of was a giant WTF. :dubious:

It wasn’t like he fought his way out or engineered an genius scheme to get out. They took him to the COUNTY FAIR.

I saw this article yesterday–talk about a WTF!? moment. Hell, that guy could blend right in with the carnies.

Or maybe “I need to get out and kill somebody kinda thing.” :eek:

I kept reading that feeling I was waiting for the “gotcha ya” which never came.

Ah, nevermind.

I imagine Dr. Frank Hardy looking like Donald Pleasence.

Going to a county fair would make me want to kill someone.

I saw this in the paper today, this was our local headline on page A4: “Confirmed Psychotic Murderer escapes at County Fair”.

First off, someone’s gonna be taking a shitload of public outrage over this, which they totally deserve x10. Don’t know who it will be yet, but I’m sure the name will pop up soon. The most disturbing thing I saw was: There was previous outrage vented from people they were taking fucking literally crazy pedophiles, rapists, murderers (THEY’RE INSTITUTIONALIZED FOR CHRIST’S SAKE!) on fucking hiking trips and bowling alley outings. Are you fucking serious!?

Maybe if they had taken the Joker to a fair it might have mellowed him out a little?
Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Parsley, sage, Rosemary and thyme. Remember me to the paranoid schizophrenic there, he once was a patient of mine.

This part:

“Sgt. Dave Reagan told CNN that Paul was carrying a backpack full with clothing, leading authorities to believe he may have planned his escape.”
Umm- why did no one notice this before he was let loose?


Well after all the incidents at the airports, truck stops, bus stations, and loading docks at the port, the county fair seemed a safe bet :slight_smile:

Monday: Governor’s Day/Opening of Exhibits at six
Tuesday: Beauty Queen Day/Tractor Pulls
Wednesday: Rodeo Events/Country-Western Night
Thursday: Crazed Killer Day /Bring Your Chain Saw Day
Friday: Police All Over the Place Day

The voices in my head tell me to keep away from county fairs.

If Mr. Insane Killer so much as sticks his tongue out at someone there will be hell to pay.

Somebody is crapping in his/her pants right about now.

Eh… I saw his picture on CNN… I could kick his ass…

Okay, that’s fabulous.

“What’s in the bag, prisoner”

“Oh, just a couple of changes of clothes. You know, sometimes after a few cotton candies the rides make me a little barfy.”

“Good thinking, prisoner. Enjoy the fair!”

A friend told me about this yesterday. According to the report she heard, the guy had $50 spending money (enough for a bus ticket to just about anywhere) and the hospital staff waited two hours before notifying law enforcement that the guy was gone.