John McAfee throws his hat into the ring

Not content with having one crazy millionaire in the presidential race, anti-virus software guy John McAfee has decided to run for President under his own party, which his campaign manager has announced as the “Cyber Party”.

Of course, he may have a few issues

So…should be interesting.

Also, his choice of party name is questionable.

Just what this election cycle needs - not just another clown but a whole other circus.

I foresee an intraparty firestorm when they sit down to write the Cyber Party platform. Windows or Mac?!

Imagine if they start letting him in to campaign events. The debates would slow to a crawl while event security quarantined a lot of harmless people.

And he’ll crash the conventions.


Great! I’d love to focus on issues!

reads link


‘“I don’t want to be unkind to the gentleman, but I believe he [McAfee] is extremely paranoid, even bonkers,” the politician added.’

So, tell us what you really think of him.

(Bolding, mine)
That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

If only Trump’s wall was built then we could have stopped Belize and Guatemala from sending us their criminals.

God, is he still a thing? I thought he went crazy when there started to be free programs that perform for free the function upon which his multi-million dollar empire was built in the 90s. Like, the same thing, only for free.

That’s unfair: Mitt’s still awaiting his invitation to the dance.

We All Fall Down.

Trump — Romney 2016 !

Electing him would cause a constitutional crisis at the end of his term – once installed, he’ll linger forever.

Well, not the same thing. The free ones mostly work a lot better.

Is he an anti-vaxxer? :slight_smile:

  • I Really did try to make a search for that, but many news sites are making searchs harder by making the “McAffe Running for president” be a text link in the same page with older articles that do criticize the woo woo anti-vaxers, but it is clear that there is no need for more examples to show how endless-loopy McAffe is.

Dang I just read up on him and it said he was at one point worth over $100 Million but after the 2008 Economic Crash his fortune dwindled down to $4 Million thats quite a drop, I mean I know regular upper-class nobodies with a higher net worth than that.

I am so oddly happy at this news. Can we please have a debate with Trump, McAfee and Palin?

Pay-for-view? Anyone?


Wouldn’t nude mud-wrestling with knives be more appropriate?

One might survive.
And will absorb power from the other two.

And now I’ve got the old Star Trek fight music in my head. :stuck_out_tongue:

In this scenario, does hunting wolves from a helicopter “trump” crazy millionaire hiding from murder charges? I think Trump is the first one down… Talks big, but someone touches his hair and I bet he’s out.

The 2016 US Presidential race has officially become a certified game of Fiasco. All we need now is a cocaine-addicted standard poodle, a 1967 Chevelle with a trunk-mounted machine gun, a hot glue gun, and a secret letter from Harding ceding the Pacific Northwest to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in exchange for 20 kilograms of gadolinium.