Is John McAfee bonkers?

The latest is he snuck out of Belize to Guatemala, and then was arrested by Guatemalan immigration authorities for illegally entering. He’s applying for asylum.

Is he bonkers?

Is Belize really corrupt?

Both? Other?

Here is the latest article I’ve read about it:

All we have is the various interviews and reports, but allowing for bias and sensationalism, I’d say yes, J-Mac is a loon.

He might have some sort of viral infection.

Can’t say for sure, the whole thing seems sketchy in the extreme though.

However, he is doing himself no favours giving interviews. He comes off nuttier than a Mars bar!

If he’s got any money left he should be hiring a publicist and a lawyer to do is talking for him. Quickly.

Apparently he has at least six girlfriends, so he’s got money. He’s lost a lot of his wealth, but still has more than he can spend.

From his public statements that I’ve heard, he’s either mentally ill or he’s faking it in an attempt to set himself up with an eventual insanity defense.

There’s always the drugs he said he took for forever.

I’m guessing a psychotic break due to stress + drug damage to the brain, or something similar - he is obviously not right in the head at the moment.

I’m sure Belizian cops aren’t the nicest people on the planet, but I don’t think they’d go out of their way to torture and murder a prominent American citizen living in their country.

I do feel bad for him - almost wish that Guatemala would keep him for a while, or ship him off to America for “protective” mental health custody to figure out what’s gone wonky with him.

If he’s not nutso, it’s not like we can’t send him right back to Belize.

The murder of his neighbor, whom he wasn’t friendly with, and whom allegedly poisoned his dogs and McAfee’s subsequent flight make him highly suspicious.

How ever he got there is of no concern, but yes, BONKERS.

And the guns and the drugs.

Of course Belize is corrupt. Look up Lord Ashcroft.

Which is not to say that’s in any way related to John McAee, though.

[li]A billionaire expat former software mogul/yoga expert[/li][li]A pair of obnoxious dogs[/li][li]A murdered neighbor[/li][li]A raid by the Gang Suppression Unit[/li][li]A flight across international borders including hair color changes[/li][li]A body double with a North Korean passport[/li][/ul]
This story has all the hallmarks of either another shitty sequel to The Fugitive or an outstanding game of Fiasco. It all depends on whether Colin Farrell will lower his price enough to play Séamus O’Gerard, the An Garda Síochána agent seconded to Interpol who is incidentally second cousin to Tommy Lee Jones’ US Marshall. As to why an Irish peace officer would be chasing a fugitive from Guatemala…you’ll have to watch the movie.


I love how “A pair of obnoxious dogs” is included in this list.

IIRC, one of his reasons for going there in the first place was the ability to make and use recreational drugs. That can’t help his mental situation.

Update: apparently he has suffered a heart attack, a mild one…

ETA: In reading the article, it says he may have just collapsed and hit his head and his chest pains may be related to not eating or something…

Cut off from his drugs, he may be suffering withdrawal. He kinda looks and sounds like some of the homeless guys around here.

Guatemala says they will send him back to Belize, according to the latest news I read (to be sure, a couple days ago, since I’m not really following this story).

One of the more perspicacious commenters asked:

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Oh, wait. Upon a bit of googling (to find the above cite), I learn that the Net is awash with 30-day trial jokes.

That’s one expensive hobby.

Apparently he let his anti-virus subscription lapse.