John Moore, you need to fine tune your cusomter service a bit

Those in the Houston area may recognize John Moore as one of the larger catchall A-C/plumbing/home repair services. They are somewhat more expensive than independent contractors, but supposedly offset that with superior accountability and customer servce.

I recently contracted with them to replace the central A/C system at my house. A few days after the install, a guy who didn’t get around to mentioning his name called and said he would be inspecting the installation and could he come by right now? Well, sez I, I’m at work and can’t get away, so how about later in the week?

We agreed on Thursday at 9:30. Good, there’s an (I hope minor) issue with the install I’d like to talk about anyway.

So here it is, 11:00 on Thursday, no inspector, no call. After leaving two messages with the mystery man, I call the central number at Moore and after being put on hold for ten minutes or so, am told that the inspector (still no name given) is in a meeting and that he’d call whenever it was done.

Well, don’t bother, I’m off to work.


Call John. Don’t get Mo(o)re?

BTW, I recognize this is pretty small beer in relation to much morth worthy Pittings regarding serial child molesting racist face-chewing SUV drivers. Nevertheless, insisting on setting an appointment for something I wasn’t really expecting, and for which I’ve got to take time off work to do, then not following through on it, is bloody annoying.

Also,1 PM and still no call back. Must be one hell of a meeting.